The next update might be a bit late again. Iv’e been feeling sick lately. I think I might have bronchitis again. So why am I here at the library? Muscle memory I guess. I get this terrible feeling of discouragement when I can’t get something to look right. I sometimes get frustrated and decide to try again later. If anybody could share their wisdom on the matter of perverseness in drawing they would be showered in praise and a three dollar gamestop gift card. At least I think it’s three bucks. I could be wrong *Burp*. 

So what am I playing right now? Iv’e given up on eternal sonata, or etrian oddysey, or whatever the hell it was called. It was a bit dull for my tastes despite the original premise and neat battle mechanics. Iv’e been busy finishing up the emerald run the comic is based off. I finished most of it a long time ago but I felt since I was drawing a comic about it I might as well complete it. 


The next update is late again. I don’t know why I’m trying to adopt a schedule. Clearly the quality of the comic should be more important than when it updates, not to mention that I’m doing this is my spare time. My family life is a rather stressful one at times and if my day has been particularly rough, drawing will just feel like work and I’ll just retire to playing something or just going to sleep. Although I can probably blame myself accepting six art trades at once (I haven’t even finished them all). I still have a monthly request sketch dump I was supposed to do…..last month. I have only myself to blame. But I’m the optimistic type! Don’t you worry! Life is what you make of it and if it sucks then it’s your own damn fault. 

"So Aaron! Whatcya playin’ this time?"

Why thankyou once again, mr. Disembodied voice! Iv’e started playing another atlas-published rpg called “Radiant Historia”. But I confused it with “eternal sonata” When searching it up. These ridiculous rpg names are starting to blur together for me. Although Iv’e barely played any of it thus far. It’s very pretty for a ds game, though. 

Boom! Two more down! 



and they didn’t turn out as well as the others ;_;

I assume this bright red stuff coming out of my ears is my brain juice but I’ll have to ignore it for at least two more trades. I’m having fun with them of course but WOW I should have thought this through first. 

Side note; I beat demikids (the gba game, don’t get any ideas) and my verdict is a solid “uuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhhh”. I wanted to like it. I really did. But it’s glarring issues mar the experience in a way that just can’t be ignored. Not being able to level your monsters without constant grinding and fusing, the limp story, the lack of difficulty. It all just can’t add up to a fun experience. Perhaps it’s a bit unfair of me to say this since I’m basing my opinion off how it compares to the tensei games that came after it. But if the goal was to emulate pokemon and improve upon the  pokemon formula in some way then it falls flat on it’s face the moment it stepped out to make a name for itself. However I do like some of the concepts that don’t seem to show up in the later tensei games. I like having a primary companion that sticks with me for the whole game whom I can converse with and see evolve as he gets stronger. Why haven’t they done this in the later games? As much as I like them I’m now beginning to wonder how they could be improved if they learned from demikids. I feel a lack of attachment to the demons that come and go by the hour in the other tensei games and having a compaion I can invest in and train sounds like allot of fun. Of course, pokemon did this with it’s starters but demikids had a glimmer of potential with how you can talk to your primary  partner and have it be invested in the story along with you in some fashion. Id’e like to see another demikids done on the ds or 3ds. If atlas has learned this much with the persona series then imagine how good another demikids could be.