Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Bouquet!

In a bouquet layout, the patterns are consisted of a small cluster or arrangement of flowers. This layout is usually used for feminine and romantic feel.

In the print from Atelier Brush shown above, the overall effect is feminine and romantic, yes, but also modern. the colour combinations allow for a broad range of applications- from clothing and accessories (imagine in printed on a leather for a bag!). 

Paired with three looks from Prabal Garung’s incredible spring 2012 collection, the overall effect of these bouquet prints is strikingly bold. 

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Art Deco! 

Art Deco is a style of decorative art that was prevalent in 1920s and 1930s. It has strong decorative characteristics. Its linear symmetry is distinct and is influenced by many different styles of the early 20th century, such as Neoclassical, Constructivism,Cubism, Modernism, and Futurism. Art Deco layout also draws inspiration from ancient Egyptian and Aztec forms. Unlike Art Nouveau, it uses lines both straight and curvy to emphasize its geometric characteristics. Even within the Antique designs, Art Deco contains very Eastern colors and has strong contrast.

A great example of Art Deco influences in recent history was Frida Giannini’s spirnf 2012 collection for Gucci, which featured a very glamorous take on the geometric lines that are typical of Art Deco designs. Rendered in fringe, beading, and feathers, Gucci’s dresses were very modern Jazz Age appropriate. 

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Psychedelic!

Although the psychedelic layout was a popular style in the 1960’s, Atelier Brush has classified it under the ‘Antique’ category for its brilliant, pop-like feel, which is created by bright, often fluorescent colours.

Emilio Pucci was an obvious pairing- the brand is known for its signature 'Pucci’ prints, often with swirling or geometric psychedelic motifs. This look (the lower image) is taken from the brand’s 2008 s/s collection.

The image at the top is taken from a 1966 Vogue- I love how glamorous the model looks, and the print just adds a perfect amount of whimsy.

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Art Nouveau! 

One of my favorite print designs, Art Nouveau originated from arts popular in the end of 19th century to early 20th century. It is characterized by dynamic, flowing curves that suggest foliate motifs.

Art Nouveau layout also uses swan, flower buds, plants, vines, and other objects of nature with sophisticated lines.

For a twist, we’ve paired our somewhat traditional tan and heathered purple art nouveau print with two antique nouveau prints, probably from the late 1880’s. From the present, three fantastic looks from Christopher Kane’s standout resort collection from 2012. 

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Paisley!

The term “paisley” was coined in Paisley, Scotland after the decorative pattern that originated on a cashmere shawl. It emulates, in an abstract way,

the form of the seed from the palm tree of life and eternity that is often found in

Indian legends. The design looks like a mango or a fig cut in half. Some say it is the

shape of a teardrop, pine, and even tadpoles. The patterns developed from the form of

plant, stem, flower heads and bulbs, and others, to create colorful and elegant image that can be enhanced with bold colours or more muted by using tonal variations.

We have chosen two very influencial looks from Spring 2012 to accompany the gorgeous prints from the Atelier Brush collection.

The first is a casually chic look from Stella McCartney in a palette of pajama-friendly blues and whites.

Raf Simon’s collection for Jil Sander included this multi-hued allover paisley print look, which is charmingly elegant and a little bit retro at the same time.

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day:Stripe

Striped just make us think of summer– the blue-and-white umbrellas at the beach, striped t-shirts to throw on for a 5-a-7 cocktail alfresco…you get the idea. 

A short definition: 

Simple stripe has stripes of same width and interval positioned in constant direction and interval. It is the most basic stripe design.

Alternate stripe has lines that are not necessarily straight. It may be made of different shapes (for example, Herringbone Stripe) or can be mixed with other motifs like flowers arranged evenly.

We are indulging our stripe craving with a radical animal-print inspired stripe in wicked shades of electric blue, peach, and charcoal grey. 

Paired with looks from Marni (S11), Missoni (S11) and the ubiquitous striped beach umbrellas, this keyword post is feeling very summery indeed.

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Gothic! 

Antique designs introduced on Atelier Brush are not actually from that time period but are modernized version of the Atelier Brush designers. The Gothic layouts are closely related to the Gothic architecture. Therefore, it includes patterns and designs inspired from medieval churches’ unique arch-like structure and stained glasses.

Alongside the intricate print from the Atelier Brush collection, we have chosen three looks from Jen Kao’s steller F12 collection. We love the intricate, swirling motifs on an ombre background. 

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Plaid

Plaid is a design that consists of crossing bands or stripes of color, almost always at right angles. When the vertical and horizontal lines are relatively big and cross in a basic manner, it is classified as basic plaid. Alternate plaid include houndstooth, gingham, and shepherd pattern that utilize unique weaving styles. However, Argyle and Tartan patterns have been classified separately. In addition, designs that convey the intersecting lines as paintings or contains applied forms of plaids are categorized as alternate plaid.

Alongside the gorgeous houndstooth plaid from the Atelier Brush collection are two looks from Rodarte and Louis Vuitton, respectively. 

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Skin! (as in animal)

As a subcategory of a conversational layout, skin represents the designs of an

animals’ leather or fur while animal (which is a subcategory of nature) contains the

entire image of animals that are used as motifs.

Here we have decided to show you our new favorite skin print from the Atelier Brush collection, combined with two looks from Balenciaga’s blockbuster Fall 2012 collection. 

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Compositional!

In a compositional layout, one or more motifs are positioned specifically in different formations to create new patterns. Even floral motifs can be used as compositional depending on how it is positioned with other motifs. Different juxtaposition can make the patterns bolder and stronger.

We have added looks from Stella McCartney SS11 (those juicy citrus prints, a conversational/ compositional print) and Paul and Joe SS11 in a bright yellow paisley mix. Both are sunny, fun prints that belie an excellent versatility.

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Conversational!

Conversational layouts have recognizable objects as the motifs. Such designs are more representational of the objects they depict. As compared to geometric patterns, a conversational pattern draws attention through pictorial elements. Designs with many motifcs, featuring a specific form (other than an object) repears to create a unique ambiance, are also considered conversational designs.

For example, the wonderful multi-coloured paisley and floral print is a non-object conversational, while the tropical parrot print is more conventional conversational. We have paired these designs with looks from Prada (S11) and Dolce and Gabbana (S12) to show a range of fun and bold conversational prints.

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Basketweave

Basketweave is an allover pattern that resembles the structure of a basket or a woven fabric. Unlike plaid, basket weave design has the horizontal and vertical lines overlapping without the colors mixing. Therefore, clothes made from this design give the feeling of protection and warmth in addition to visual pleasure.

Trellis is a pattern that features a supporting structure of interwoven pieces of wood or metal sometimes adorned with climbing vines or flowers.

The green-and-red basketweave print from Atelier Brush’s collection is here paired with a look from Giambattista Valli’s Fall 2012 collection; in a vibrant red, orange, and black basketweave pattern, this simple outfit is elevated to very chic heights. 

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Renaissance!

During the time of Renaissance, Europeans were inspired by the designs on handmade textiles. Renaissance patterns often give the rich feel of tailored velvet, silk twill, or silk woven with gold and silver thread.

We have paired a gorgeous tonal Renaissance-style print from with two looks from Chanel’s past/present/future Resort 2013 collection. Paniers meet their mate in trainers, and ruffled bloomers pair denim with lace. A fitting accompaniment to  our own Renaissance prints, which are a mash-up of traditional, historic textile designs and more contemporary prints. 

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Atelier Brush keyword of the day: Bush!

This is a simple variation of the allover print. A bush layout contains leaves and stems of the flowers in addition to petals.

Here, we have used a runway look from Marni SS11 to showcase the versatility of the bush print, which in this outfit is very fresh and directional, much like the examples we have chosen from our own collection.

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