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When Fairlee Met Josephine: Lyric video

(contains full male frontal nudity in a somewhat sexualized way, so press play where ever people like to see penis.)

Video by RD Mauzy & TonE Sierra

anonymous said:

on the topic of incest ~ many 'taboo' subjects are played out in roleplay today. murder, suicide, teen pregnancy, adultery, statutory rape... i really don't think it should be made such a huge deal of that someone wants to play out any of them. it isn't as if they're asking you to participate. and how can you know their motives without asking, anyway?

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#assholeparkingatitsfinest #douchbag #atdq

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"A perfect parade"

Come Into My Basket And We’ll Float Across The Sky: Lyric video

The B-side of the AT&DQ “outtakes” tape.

Much more “wild experimentation” than “outtakes,” but nonetheless, a deeper probe into the anal retentive angsty teens and obsessive compulsive drag queens.

Best enjoyed either as a meditation or with magic mushrooms.

From the center of the earth to the darkest black holes:

AT&DQ IN SPACE (Outtakes vol 2)

Here’s something you don’t see everyday …

…a self-released album by an unknown artist cracking the top 30 of a radio station’s play list.

Angsty Teens & Drag Queens came in at #23 for the week of March 25, 2013 @ UC Davis’ KDVS.

Ahead of Lydia Lunch?

That ain’t right.

Tune into their live stream, free everywhere in the world.

They were just playing Persian Hip Hop.

Thank goodness for college radio.

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Evenly Easy (Hell & Keller live studio version): Lyric video

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"Freaky monkey video" sourced from the Internet Archive

Sighs of Delight: Lyric video