Something to wake you up
  • Something to wake you up
  • Adam Young
  • All Things Extremely Bright and You Need to Wake up to the sound of his owlsome singing

Because you need to wake up when they’re out there 


Just a mashup I did using the Owl City covers. I’ve seen so many that I decided to do one myself. Using The Midsummer Station as the base, I added the tree from All Things Bright and Beautiful, the sky & cityscape from Maybe I’m Dreaming, The frame from Of June and the Burj Al Arab from Ocean Eyes. I had to google what it was called…  Hope you guys enjoy it!

"The Yacht Club" -Owl City

requested by 2 different anons

This song is SO special to me, as you can see by my url. Whenever I listen to it I just get chills from the awesomeness and can’t help but have a big stupid smile on my face.  I hope I did it justice <3 (I drew it last week, but didn’t want to upload it until everyone has finished their exams, which I believe is now..? I hope so :) I love you all)

And dance in the moonlight~

Put All Things Bright and Beautiful in my ask!
  • 1. The Real Wolrd:Where is your dream place?
  • 2. Deer In the Headlights:What do you find attractive?
  • 3. Angels:One thing you adore the most.
  • 4. Dreams Don't Turn to Dust:Your biggest dream you want to come true.
  • 5. Honey and the Bee:What do you find cute?
  • 6. Kamikaze:What makes you feel brave?
  • 7. January 28, 1986:The saddest moment of your life.
  • 8. Galaxies:Your favorite planet.
  • 9. Hospital Flowers:Hve you ever been in a car accident?
  • 10. Alligator Sky:One thing you would change about the world.
  • 11. The Yacht Club:Your Hobby.
  • 12. Plant Life:One thing you are mostly afraid of.
  • 13. How I Became the Sea:What do you want to do in the future?
  • 14. Shy Violet:Your favorite eye color.

"…but I guess that’s the way it goes…"
Deer In The Headlights - (Owl City)

requested by lovesweepsovertheroom

The imagery in this song cracks me up, but there’s always that thing in the back of my mind worrying if the lyrics are based on a true story …

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