WIPs - Prompted by Neversaysdie. Three domestic scenes all roughed out. Correcting perspectives and proportions is up next. Wonder if I ought to brave a critique board for a bit of red-lining to get that bit done… (x_x ) 

Going to switch gears and work on TWD/WoOz and a different prompt to gain a little distance and objectivity first. Maybe that’ll help.

BTW, I’m inordinately giddy what I came up with for Glenn’s apron, which reads, “If you want a QUICKIE, use a [pic of microwave].” (ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ~

I can’t hardly wait until the next chapter of Featherbent comes out, so I drew Vriska teaching John to fly. 

…I got some other panels of John and Karkat about to try flying. I got this idea into my head of them jumping off some high place together, but Karkat’s so freaked out by heights and even falling no matter how short a time that John has to learn how to fly backwards and supporting Karkat from below (literally the wind beneath Karkat’s wings XD) until Karkat can get used to the sensation.


I’d Like A Large With You On Top
Daryl/Glenn fic ::AO3 | LJ | FFnet

Glenn’s so desperate for a job he ends up working at the only place Shane advised him not to. Aside from the creeps coming in and constantly asking for tacos, it isn’t half bad.


So I started out wanting to draw several TWD fan art with the characters in costume, and this particular one, since it’s based on the fic above, turned into an ebook cover. :D

ETA: Fixed!

I feel weird about firing up Calibre and adding the cover to the mobi file, though. Because I just checked and the pizza costume Glenn wears in MadArid’s fic is a slice, not a whole pizza. D’oh… I used to get irked whenever I saw book covers where the artist doesn’t properly depict what’s in the text, but now I’ve gone and done the same. (⊙﹏⊙ )