Traditionally, gorgons cut off their hairs (usually 10-40 of them) at or just before puberty. This is when the hairs truly gain a life of their own, and can therefore be inhabited by the Grey Ones, malicious spirits that can drive a gorgon mad and erode its ability to control their Stone Gaze, turning it from a self-defense mechanism into a weapon of mass destruction. In fact, the tradition is so old and the Grey Ones so feared that there is barely any written record of them at all. One intrepid young scientist with particularly long and beautiful hairs thinks this is total BS. With a pair of humongous antimagic spectacles, emergency amputation bands, and the approval of her famous globetrotting grandfather, Iadia Arliou goes on an awesome globetrotting adventure.

She meets a group of other outcasts—a dorky sylph prankster, a long-winded half-octopus novelist, and an ageless (read: perpetually teenaged) lava golem who makes wonderfully terrible art. I am too lazy to think up pseudo-Greek-sounding names for all of them. John made one too many pranks and got kicked out of the sylph community temporarily, Rose was exiled for writing for subversive anti-mer-government periodicals, and Dave burns everything he touches. They are all immune to Jade’s gaze in for various reasons—John is mostly air, Rose because octopuses are immune to restriction, and Dave is technically already made of rock.

When Iadia’s hairs starts to show signs of removing themselves from her control, she puts them into a ponytail to keep their impending whispers from driving her mad. When the Grey Ones finally move into her 12 hairs, they find themselves…




I’m really trying to keep my cool. Honestly wanted today to be chill and to myself for a while. I needed some alone time to reflect on things. But nah lmao

i know i’ve posted about this before but deeflect, the blog i created to give to people who i didn’t want to have my blog church people is honestly probably my favorite of the blogs i run

because it’s literally just stupid, stupid memes. it’s completely harmless, hilarious tumblr humor. deeflect is my happy place

I think it’s really interesting when people can’t see that a subtle x/y/z is being done for publicity

like idk someone sent kASSie an anon and all and i’m like do y’all not relaize that 97x wouldn’t have tweeted from their main station’s account fi they hadn’t been told to or been told they were allowed to tweet about it??? like if something’s supposed to stay a secret it does (kinda like how y’all don’t see me post about certain reviews I do even when I have the copy of the material like months in advance) 

and idk like i’m not meaning to rag on anyone there at all it’s just interesting to see how people can’t tell that this is being done purposefully to gain buzz about the new release in two markets that twenty one pilots has done very well in on the past few tours 

this apparently a common misconception outside of neuroscience


your eyes do not see color

your eyes do not see shape

your eyes do not see movement

your eyes do not “see” anything

all your retina does is transmit information to higher centers about the arrangement of light in the space around you. without this processing, you’re not even getting pixels, you’re getting some photoreceptors firing when light is on them in specific patterns, that’s it. there’s no processing at the eye level, your retina legit just has some cells respond to photons of different wavelengths.

in the field, we have a sort of saying about it: you see with your brain, not with your eyes. if vision was as simple as having a working retina, we wouldn’t have people that are blind but have fully functioning eyes and we could fix visual deficits by basically giving people a camera lens instead of an eyeball, which, trust me, has been attempted before (similar things, anyway)

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I have to say, I kinda like that you don't get offended by all the things you're Supposed To Be Offended By. There are absolutely many legitimate things to take issue with, but it sometimes feels like the hivemind of tumblr makes an active effort to get offended by really quite stupid things. And of course, if you don't reblog the latest great cause, you lack compassion and are a terrible human being. Basically, the point of this mini rant is that I stand beside you in solidarity, in anonymity.

Aw, thanks.

…I got crabby so there’s a read more here. Sorry.

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I’ve decided that I really appreciate asshole characters. Characters that make horrendous mistakes and never acknowledge it, characters that don’t always (or even often) do the right thing, that make stupid decisions, and characters that actively decide to become the bad guy, because I find they’re so much more human than anything else you see

idk I just feel unnecessary

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(Ships) US AKA your local dragon/bun lesbian babes

Who was the one to propose
Hmm… We’ll see!
Who stressed more over wedding planning
Probably me. :|
Who does the cooking
Who suggested kids first
I don’t remember- You I believe
Who’s the cuddler
Both of us tbh
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon
Not sure!
What’s their favorite non-sexual activity
Pokemangz and shipping stupid things
Who comes home drunk at 3am
Who kills the spiders
I won’t kill them but I’ll remove them
Who falls asleep first
Who wakes up first
Probably you?
A head canon
Their relationship summed up in a gif
(Will do on comp.)
Who does the laundry
Me probs
What they’re like as parents
I’m probably the one that makes them do their homework n ur a sucker ❤️💙💜
A song that sums them up
Laughter lines by Bastille
Who gets jealous easier
Probably pretty even tbh

-talks to Japanese person on skype IM-

-feels like crawling into a hole through sparse knowledge of Japanese language and occasional reliance on google translate for things she doesn’t know-

-wonders how badly she sounds like a 5 year old- 

So, all my drafts are now posted! If something I owe you hasn’t been given now, that’ll be thanks to my activity being fifty shades of stupid and not showing me certain things. So pleeeeease, if there’s something you need from me that you haven’t been given, don’t hesitate to inbox/submit/fanmail me the link and I shall track it down either while I’m here at the hotel, or when I get home. I’ll be out and about right now or taking a nap since this is gonna post around 5:30pm, but I’ll be on for a bit later, I’m sure. Hope everyone has a great day! Byeee!