sometimes u buy practical things like shirts and pants and sometimes u binge buy cool things like blankets and wallets that u probably don’t need

Can we have a sexuality fluid? Is that a thing that can happen? Because there is no label that will fit me for any real period of time and it’s kinda scary every time I realize I’ve outgrown another label and that dysphoria  is NOT helping with my general sense of existential dread.


Hey, sorry about the cattywampus posting schedule! I really should set up a que but I don’t know how to do that on mobile. (I’ll figure it out eventually) But I have finals coming up Friday and Tuesday so I’m busy doing that, any given homework, dance/theater, and trying to sleep. I will continue being a Tumblr addict that is constantly posting after Tuesday! Love you guys!

My Goals for This Semester/Year:
  • Do all of or at least most of my homework and readings before they are due (at least the majority of the time). Finish every reading, even the last two pages.
  • Try and get 7.5-8 hours of sleep every night (sometimes 9 if possible)
  • Eat more vegetables, at least 2-4 servings a day.
  • Drink a lot less soda, maybe try for 1-2 per week, then 1 per week, then if it works out, 1 every other week and so on. 
  • Eat less processed/fast food. Try and cut down on microwaveable food as well and try and bring food to school/work instead of buying it at least 3/5 days.
  • Because I’m 21 now:- Don’t drink more than 8 drinks a week. (Okay a read one NPR article about how more than 8 drinks could lower your lifespan, it may not be true, but it sounds good anyway and alcohol doesn’t sit that well with me anyway…I usually only have one drink per weekend, if even that.) -Don’t drive at all for at least an hour after one normal drink ever, or drive with anyone else who has had one. Don’t get into that habit no. Also advice for anyone turning 21 or who has recently started drinking. I really feel like if I got into that habit now or let anything slide at all, I wouldn’t end up taking it seriously later. 
  • Study French for at least 2 hours everyday.
  • Save at least 100 dollars every month, so I have at least $300 when the semester ends.
  • Buy less junk/junk food/things I don’t need. Consider every purchase carefully.
  • Start actually formally keeping track of my purchases in some kind of notebook.
  • Start an exercise routine of some kind, whether it’s using the school gym or starting yoga from dvds, swimming at the pool on campus or walking every day. Figure out some daily routine.
  • Stop thinking that I can actually drink coffee with sugar in it. Stop trying to drink coffee. It does not work for me at all. 
  • Read more/listen to more books on tape. 

what if someone had super powers that you had to do really stupid things to activate like you could shoot bullets from your fingers but you have to make a fake gun with your fingers or you could fly but you had to make the whoosh sound effects

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that's the type of thing I want to hear. then telling me otherwise like to go fuck around, and be involved in all sorts of sexual activities, and stupid things. THANK YOU ! my type of friend.