Orihara Izaya’s Birthday Display

(part 1)

Ikebukuro main branch opened up the displays today~ Izaya‘s birthday isn’t until May 4th, but I wanted to get there right away. I’ll be going again on the 30th to get his birthday set. <3
(The pictures have captions! Don’t miss the 3rd one down.)

The note behind the art I drew on the bottom is in English and I didn’t expect anyone to read it, so I wrote whatever I wanted.

2 weeks postpartum and just starting to feel somewhat human again. Unlike with my first 2 pregnancies, the weight is flying off this time around! In fact, I only have 8 more lbs left to lose!

Still, after 3 kids, my body is not what it used to be. So, I am posting this pic as a way to combat my own insecurity.

That said, show me some love Tumblr;-)


Gyakuten Saiban in Joypolis

part 1 | part 2

So I went to Joypolis in Odaiba last week, and brought home a lovely loot haul~ (first two pics, and the last 3). The Phoenix drink was really delicious, and the tea from Edgeworth’s Afternoon Tea Set was quite nice too. :U
Gosh, eating/drinking them together gave me this sensation of, like, fusing WrightWorth into myself.
Drinking the Phoenix soda, I felt a strong “Objection!/異議あり!” bubbling in my stomach and felt like I could shoot hadoukens from my pointing finger, but I held it in bravely.

By the way, I went wearing a wine red blazer and a frilly tank top. ^ q^ If only I still had my glasses, that’d have been even better.

Official event links: Capcom site | Joypolis