Okay, but picture this.

Towards the end of next season, Clarke is put up for an arranged marriage in order to establish trust with the Ice Nation. Bellamy won’t let her do it, so he takes her place because of course he would. And Clarke has to watch Bellamy Blake slowly slip out of her grasp as the day draws nearer, and that’s what ends up being the catalyst for her to realize her feelings. Imagine the similar, yet completely different, struggle she’ll have: to do the right thing for her people or do the right thing for her.

Imagine the  a n g s t.

Looks like Louis Tomlinson is enjoying the single life.
The One Direction star - who split from his long-term girlfriend last month - was seen leaving London night club Cirque Le Soir with not just one, but five ladies.
He ushered the gaggle of girls into a taxi to transport them all back to his hotel in the early hours of Thursday morning.
Louis wore a white T-shirt and slim fitting jeans with his hair stylishly coiffed into a bedhead style.
Clearly it was tight squeeze in the van as he sat on the lap of one girl, who was holding onto his arm as they arrived at the hotel following their night out.
According to onlookers the boybander invited the whole party back to his hotel room at around 4.30am.
But maybe these five girls were the group he is hoping to sign to his new record label.

Tomlinson confirmed to The Sun’s Dan Wootton that he is set to launch his own label with the full backing of Sony and Syco boss Simon Cowell.
His first signing is 2014 X Factor finalist Jack Walton and Louis is currently holding auditions for a girl band, which he will put together during his time off from One Direction duties.
‘It’s absolutely great to be working with Syco on a label,’ he said. 'This is something I’ve wanted to do for some time, and to be given the opportunity to potentially give new artists a platform is an incredible feeling.

Se7en looking into starting One-Man Agency!

Industry insiders have told the press that Se7en is apparently looking into a one-man agency option. According to reports, he has allegedly turned down all contract offers from agencies that have approached him.

Many fans have wondered what he would do, after leaving his long-time agency YG Entertainment last year. His acquaintances have told the media that he is more concerned with carefully picking projects he can truly show his intent, than planning a big comeback with multiple projects.

It was also reported that Se7en will solely focus on his musical “Elizabeth” between June and September.

Source: Sports DongA

Translated by: Soompi

A few reminders to anyone struggling today.

- you as the true you is the best you in the world. Never feel like you need to imitate someone or not be true to yourself because someone won’t think you’re ‘cool’ - people like that aren’t worth your time.

- peer pressure is the worst thing in the world and I wish it didn’t exist, but it does. Never feel rushed into situations because your friends or peers or colleagues want you to do something you don’t want to do. Doing things you aren’t ready for can leave long lasting emotional damage.

- it’s okay to have a bad day and to not feel okay. It happens to me all the time. Just please never feel like you’re not worth anything, so many people will want to help you and will love you.

- relapsing is a part of life. Don’t be angry with yourself, it happens. Just don’t be scared to ask for help.

- listen to everything taylorswift says because she makes everything better and she can save lives.

I love you all!

small AU

Based off my friend’s anniversary gift for her boyfriend.

Someone gives their significant other an “Open When” box filled with letters for specific events as a gift. Some of them are pretty generic like “Open When…you’re feeling down” or “Open When…you get an important award” and it’s really lovey-dovey and encouraging.

Then there’s really specific ones such as “Open When…I’m not home for more than 3 weeks” or “Open When…it’s a quiet Saturday morning in April” that can have inside jokes between the two of them idk.

Of course there are the big questions like “Open When…you say yes” or “Open When..we make the big move”

The box never runs out of letters, always filling up at the most random of days. It becomes a habit for the two of them, where one discreetly places them while the other is asleep or busy and the other checks them and remembers them for future reference.

Until the other begins to see “Open When…I storm out of the house” or “Open When..I’m in trouble” just all these situations that never came across their mind and always considered it as a “It would never happen” but now they’re not so sure.

It gets worse, the amount of letters decrease until it’s left with those situations and the last letter is in a grey envelope that only reads “Open When…I’m gone for good.”

i think the worst thing i keep thinking about is the fact that there’s going to be an empty desk between michael and jack now…