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(Not sure if asks are open says it's open in one place and closed in another, if it is closed just ignore this) Even's reaction to remembering Vexen's death and seeing Lea. (this meeting would take place post DDD).

I sort of did this…not post DDD. Sorry.

“Shit,” Even muttered, rubbing his head. It hurt something fierce and the room spun when he stood.

A flash of red from the corner caught his eye and that’s when he saw Axel– Lea. Even was filled with irritation and fear, the latter which only served to further irritate him.

“What the hell, Ax– Lea?”

The redhead turned to him, looking confuse and more than a little worried. “Vex– Even, you’re awake. Good.”

“Good? You killed me, you bastard!”

Lea shrugged, looking not the least bit like he cared. “But you woke up whole, so…”

“So?” Even snapped, ready to wring Lea’s neck. The only think that stopped him was the fact that– “You still murdered me in cold blood!”

Lea chuckled. “Yeah, I guess you could say it was in cold blood.”

He proceeded to laugh at his own stupid joke while Even stood there and seethed.

“Look,” Lea said once he had caught his breath, “let’s call it even. I killed you, but it was your fault I turned into a Nobody in the first place, and you still came out on top. And I promise I won’t try to kill you again. Scout’s honor.”

Even rolled his eyes and nodded. He would be keeping his eye on Lea though. He didn’t trust him as far as he could throw him.



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So I'm an aqua and I'm in a fwb deal with anther Aquarius and even though we made it clear that we are friends w/benefits he asks each time if I'm sure I want to and makes sure I'm comfortable with it and Idk it's nice 😊😊

that’s sweet and that’s the way it should be, glad to know at least some people CARE about the way they treat others. you guys are cute.

Agents Of Shield - The Dirty Half Dozen

The team together - “This is great. We finally got the team back together.”

Ward trying to explain…

“We were a good team, weren’t we?”

“We were a team and a family and you betrayed us!!”


“Be careful Jemma”

Ward: “The least you can do is thank me.” 

Skye: "How about I just don’t try to kill you again?”

Skye putting down the Hydra agents alone. Mini May with power!!!

“A man made of metal will tear our cities apart… and the world will change forever.” ULTROOOOOOOOON!!

Here you go, you can have it until Fury wants it back. Oh spoiler alert!“


Hill: -Theta protocol. Is it ready? 

Coulson: Yes, it is. Time to bring in the Avengers.

You know, everyone in this fandom really wants a season 5… but I’ve never seen anyone put much effort into to show we want it.

So, let’s DO something.

You know why TMNT 2012 has gotten another season added on each year so far? Their continued support from their FANBASE.

The fanbase is the most important part of a series. That’s why WE have to do something BIG to show the people at Disney that we want this show back on the air.


The Kardashians are so fucking extra. 

Oh yea AFTER your dad’s interview, you’re all of a sudden so proud of her and love her so much but where were you DURING the interview? All of Bruce’s kids were there and shared their opinion on the matter and made it very clear that they stood behind their father and supported her…..but where the fuck were you? You couldn’t take a couple hours away from Twitter and Instagram to support your dad? You couldn’t stop taking selfies for just a couple of hours to be there for her and to say 15 seconds worth of something to at least pretend like you cared about something other than making yourself money? Really? Wow. So cute how the whole family can show up to watch Kendall walk down a runway but not a single person can show up in support of their transitioning father? Adorable. 

9165) I mean, obviously outright transphobes and people who are actual assholes are worse, but one small pet peeve is when I tell someone my gender, and they respond to it with something like "Cool, I don't care about your gender identity".

I get it, they mean that they’re fine with me no matter what, but my gender is an important part of me, at least for me. You may not find it important or not care about it much, but *I* care about it. Even if you mean well, please don’t brush me off like this.

Kudos to Wattpad: my stolen works were removed overnight and I got a personalised email from the staff member who removed them. I’m impressed by their efficiency and customer service, if not by their users. 

So thanks, Wattpad. At least I can be confident you guys actually take care of these things. 


Maybe someone said really mean things to you, maybe they dislike you. Maybe it was the worst day in the universe and everything just keeps getting worse. But there will eventually be better days, and always be more people who love you. They care about you, they love you. That’s what matters. Please if you see this, make a promise to me, to whomever you care about, or at least to yourself. Don’t hurt yourself, don’t kill yourself. I care, we all care about you. There’ll always be at least one person who will listen. 

Please take care of yourselves, you will always and forever be worth it.

We got the apartment we were going for and have until the 15th to pay and lock it all down for ourselves

I have been shaking- no, vibrating ever since I made the phone call

I can’t believe it

We’re getting out of this hell hole

This almost seems too good to be true, like something is going to take this right out from under us at the last moment

Shattered Dreams (Supernatural) (Dean x Reader)

You are standing in the rain, just outside the motel where Dean had agreed to meet you.
“Dean, don’t do this. Don’t do this to us… You know I am afraid of being alone. Please don’t leave me…”, you whisper but Dean can still hear you over the pounding of the down pouring rain on the tin roof of the motel, the pavement, and both your cars.
“It will be better this way. I am gone too much. You deserve better then that.”, Dean tells you.
“I don’t care! At least I know you will always come back!”, you try to grab for him, beat on his chest, get him to change his mind but he just steps out of your reach.
“(Y/N), stop, its done. Its over. We are over. Now go back inside before you catch a cold.”, his voice has gone cold, uncaring as you stare at him, he turns his back on you and climbs back into the impala. The slamming of the car door is the same moment your heart shatters inside your chest as you shuffle back into the motel when he peels out of the parking lot. You stand in the motel, staring in the mirror as the water from the rain runs down your body, mixing with the tears. You take a hot shower before drowning your sorrows in the cheapest whiskey you can find so you can buy more bottles. Once you are numb, you pass out drunk.

Three years had passed since the night Dean Winchester had broken your heart. You packed up what little belongs you had in the apartment you had rented and moved yourself, hoping to heal your broken heart to Arizona. You dated around after the first year, but nothing came of it. The guys were either looking for one thing, or lets face it, they just were Dean Winchester. You had taken a job at the local bar to pay for your little studio apartment that belonged to you and your (d/n) Husky that you had adopted the second year without any words from Dean or his younger brother. You often brought (d/n) with you to work, your boss didn’t mind and he could act like a ‘bouncer’ when need be and the boss needed help getting someone who was too drunk and rowdy out of his bar. You are leaning against the bar with (d/n) sitting at your feet behind it. His tail wags happily as he watches you go back and forth between the people you are serving. Another waitress by the name of Pamela is taking care of the ones not sitting at the bar. You just place a drink down in front of an older gentlemen and move down the bar to the new face that just showed up.
“What can I get for you tonight?”, you look up from the spot you had just wiped some dribbled liquid from and straight into familiar emerald greens eyes. Your breathe catches in your throat.
Before you have time to process he is fully sitting in front of you, you run to the employee restroom through a door off the side of the bar, (d/n) trotting behind you. You slam the bathroom door shut as you feel a panic attack bubbling in your chest. You kneel down on the ground and pull (d/n) close to you and bury your face into his fur, like you always have done since you got him when these crappy attacks hit you. The boss is knocking on the door asking if you are okay and if he needs to remove the guy you just talked to.
“No! I am fine. Just really had to use the bathroom. I will be out in a moment!”, you yell once you catch your breath.
You can hear the foot steps as he walks away. You stand up, pat the dog on the head, and splash cold water on your face before leaving the rest room.
“Sorry about that fellas.”, you smile as you come back out, “Who needs a refill?”
About five of the guys at the bar cheer and you refill their drinks before returning to Dean and get his drink order. You set the two bottles of beer down in front of him, his hand brushing yours ever so softly before he walks over to a table that Sam is waiting at. With a sigh of relief, you keep yourself busy and strike up the usual conversations with your regulars that involves some flirting and the same usual older gentlemen always offer to take you home with them. Last call comes and goes, you are getting ready to lock up but when you walk to the door, Dean is still sitting at the same table he was before but Sam is now gone.
“Its closing time, sorry hon, you will have to come back tomorrow.”
“(Y/N), can… can we talk when you get finished closing up?”
You think for a moment before nodding your head and Dean gets up when you walk to the door and out of it before you lock it and clean up the bar. You take longer then usual to wipe the glasses dry and placing them back. You leave out the back door with (d/n) right behind you and your boss behind him, and he locks up and heads to his trailer across the small desert field behind the bar. You walk to your car, the same car you had the last time you saw Dean and he is sitting in the passanger seat waiting patiently. (D/n) starts to growl at the 'intruder’ in your car.
“Its alright.”, you tell the dog and open the back door to let him in.
“I thought that mutt was the bar owners.”
“Don’t call (d/g) a mutt. (d/g) name is (d/n).”, you glare at him and he throws his hands up defensevely.
“Just never pictured you as a dog person.”
“And I never pictured you as the shattering hearts person…”, you retort back.
Dean drops his hands into his lap and stares at them.
“I am sure you have a boyfriend again so I shouldn’t keep you long…”
“It’s just me and (d/n), Dean. No other guys.”
Dean cocks his head a little and looks at you.
“At all?”
“None. Zip. Ziltch. Nada. Negative…. Don’t get me wrong, I dated a year after you…”, you gulp, “left, but they just weren’t you.”
“Would it make it any better if I said I was an ass and I thought about you every day and night and how much of a moron I was for thinking it was better to break your heart because I am, again, an ass?”, he says with a little but of playfulness to his voice, but you can hear the pain of the truth behind every word he has spoken.
“It won’t make it better, no, my heart still isn’t the same…”, you whisper.
“Well… will you let me try to put it back together? I’ve really missed you…”
You tap your fingers against your steering wheel, your dog lays down with a doggy sigh in the back seat and you giggle at the dog.
“That a sign (d/n) wants to hurry up and go home. If you confess how much of an ass you are, on the way to the apartment… I may find I am willing to give you a second chance.”, you start the engine and Dean starts up again on how much of an ignorant fool he is so by the time you get to your apartment, you can feel the familiar warmth he spreads to you, slowly start to return.
“Why Dean Winchester, I do believe you have grovelled enough…. now shut up and kiss me.”
He grabs a hold of you, pulling you tight to his chest as his lips brush against yours and you kiss back, which encourages him to deepen the kiss. You pull away, both to catch your breath as your dog lets out a doggy type groan.
“I love you (y/n), and I swear I will never ever leave you again and I will never ever break your heart again.”
“You better not, because next time.. I may not lay down and take it.”, you grin up at him, “I love you too”, you say as you press a final kiss to his lips before removing you, your dog, and him from the car to go into the little studio apartment so he can start mending your heart.