• Guy:So do you guys think being fast is better than being slow?
  • Everyone:Yes!
  • Little Girl:It's better to be fast to not be bit by a werewolf and then you'll be turned into one and you'll have to stay in and then you'll have to get shaved because you'll be too hot and then you're like "Rahr Rawr Rahr Rawr Rahr Rawr" which means "I wish I was back to a human!"
  • Guy:Wh..what...?

Jamie Hayes ✦ 34/309 ✦ Tom Hiddleston ✦ TAKEN

“In order to know virtue, we must first acquaint ourselves with vice.”  - Marquis de Sade


James Matthew Hayes was born in 1706 in Boston, Massachusetts to Ruth and William Hayes as the oldest of three boys. His father was a tax collector for England and instilled the belief of hard work in all of his children. However, Jamie was never one to do what he was supposed to do and prefered just to goof off instead. By the time that he was 16, Jamie was already apprenticed to a newspaper company and was learning to be a journalist when tragedy struck his family. His parents were killed in a fire that someone set on their home in revenge for what his father did for a living. Or at least that is what Jamie always expected was the reason for the fire. To keep his family afloat, he quickly got a job at a local pub and earned money so that his family wouldn’t be kicked out of his house.

By the time that he was in his thirties, Jamie was all alone while his brothers were happy in their families. He was now the proud owner of the pub that he had started at 20 years and he was happy with his life as a perpetual bachelor. Except, one night, he messed with the wrong woman. Jamie had never had trouble getting a woman or seducing one into his bed. So, when he seduced a woman named Katherine into his bed, he didn’t think anything of it. But then when he was walking home one night, he was jumped by a group of men and his life was changed forever. It turned out that Katherine, was the little of the local Alpha werewolf, and the pack was out for revenge at the loss of her virtue. They had beat him near to death and had left him to die on the side of the road without anyone knowing where he was. That is until Katherine found him and bit him to turn him into a werewolf.

When he woke up, he was entirely confused, however he embraced his new life and lived it with a flourish. He went from city to city and took charge of his new immortality. Jamie always volunteered for whatever war was happening at the time to prove to himself that he could survive anything. He was in the Revolutionary War fighting for Independence, he fought in the Civil War for the North, he was in both World War 1 and 2, and every battle after that. After WW2 he opened a bar again in New York just for Supernaturals, although he has always prefered his own kind.  In 1949, Jamie met a vampire named Alva Houlegate and he gained a new view on the other kinds of Supernaturals. When the War broke out between the humans and the Supers, Jamie was one of the first to volunteer to fight. He believes in the way that Nikolas has handled the humans and he can’t wait to show his dominance over the weaker species.


Jamie Hayes believes in having a good time. He is a intelligent, fun loving, passionate, and hard working man. However, he does have a temper when provoked. Jamie tries to never take anything too seriously, but when he does you know that something’s about to go down. He’s not too fond of humans, he views them as only being useful when they can serve, and he’s happy that the Supernaturals are finally in charge. Jamie is a fully trained warrior, well versed in all weaponry, and he is happy to show people just how well he knows his stuff. Dominant by nature, Jamie has a hard time being told what to do and really tends to get sarcastic with anyone he knows is higher than him. If you get to know Jamie, he’ll be your best friend, but he’s never someone you want to get on the bad side of.


↳ If it’s not a hard limit he’s up for it.

Hard limits:

↳ Bathroom play, permanent scarring, weapon play.


-  Acquainted with Alva Houlegate in 1949. Sees her as the one that got away.


↳ Guard

Unfortunately for you this character is:


Jack Burns • 27 • Joseph Gordon Levit • TAKEN

Uplink Location: Red Wing, Minnesota

Occupation: Ex-Police Officer

Gaming Experience: Beginner

Attributes: Sweet, Protective, Sad

Gender: Male

Preferred Pronouns: He, him, his, himself


Growing up as the only child may seem like the start to an awful childhood for some, but for Jack, it had absolutely no effect on his happiness. He was the only one his parents had to pay attention to, he never had to fight a sibling for any reason, and when he decided he didn’t like another child, he didn’t have to see them every single hour of the day. Of course, that didn’t mean that he just didn’t want to be around anyone, he did have a plethora of friends all throughout his schooling. But he was never close enough to call them his best friends.

That changed when he entered the Police Academy. He became fast friends with one of the officers he’d see around the campus, a Laurent Jones, and after he became a full time officer, he and Jones became an unstoppable team. Those years were the best of his life, and when Jones was promoted to police chief, Jack was standing right next to Jone’s daughter, Emeline, and applauding.

His life seemed perfect, his job was stable and he was definitely up next for a promotion to detective, and he was seeing a beautiful woman. All it took was one regular check up to change all that. Within two hours, the doctors had confirmed that Jack had leukemia. He was largely horrified, though he’d later tell Jones that he was more terrified than anything. But even cancer couldn’t bring Jack down, and the man decided to go through treatment. The only downside was that the treatment would make Jack too sick to work.

He heard about Death Incarnate through Jones, the man had promised his daughter to play it with her, and he was immediately heartened by the possibility of even pretending to be better. So when the doctors cleared him to play for short periods of time, Jack immediately let Jones know and entered the game with him and his daughter.


Species: Werewolf

↳ Class: Paladin

↳ Username: NightJack


Laurent Jones - Co-Worker

Emeline Jones - Friend


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