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fences with switches
turn them on
the moats of your homes
poured salt on these slugs
mugshot fatigue shimmering
pacemaker, pace yourself
you were slowly clawing your way out
tourniquet of gossip
on a board of checkered chess
salt ring probing in case of emergency
stampede is coming
mastodon infantry
radiate this frequency
and show me just what the hell you mean
pacemaker, pace yourself
you were slowly clawing your way out
here comes the bride
lavender and smothered in black turpentine


OmarRodríguez-López Pedals through different eras.

Let’s take 5 minutes of silence to aprecciate this….

Ok. I was going to do a post that discussed pedalboards with delays at the beggining of the chain and another that talked about wah pedals at the end of the chain. But I couldn’t resist making an exclusive post for Omar’s pedals. He has some delays at first. At never puts his wah at the begging at the pedal police officers orders. And also reverb at the beggining it some cases. 

I will attempt to explain his pedal order.

2011/2012:tuner>microamp>chorus>octave>analog delay>phaser>digital delay>wah>fuzz>tape delay>looper

So. The first photos are his Mars Volta 2001?-2010? pedalboard. Then his Mars Volta/ORL Group scaled down pedalboard of 2011/2012. After the At The Drive In reunion pedalboard. The last two are his Bosnian Rainbows pedals. 

Damn pedals are cool.

*I do not own any of the photos. I Stole them from different blogs, flickrs, magazines, tumblrs, pinterests, etc. and kept them in my computer a long time ago, but since I forgot to write where they came from I can’t put them. Sorry I guess.

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They had been defected and excommunicated
and all the pulses were subverted
and they made sure the obituaries
showed pictures of smokestacks