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It’s been years Andy came back to LA after he traveled the world another time but the vampire was really bored because nothing happened.
LA was such a big city but besides the criminal stuff there was nothing interesting left.

He decided to get rid of the boredom at least a little bit why he registered himself at the high school again. He thought it wouldn’t be that bad to get to know what the kids from today had to learn.

As soon as the first day came he prepared himself in the morning, drank his coffee and ate a little bit and then made his way to the building of the school.
Andy parked the car in a parking lot in front and looked up the building sighing. “Well, let’s have some fun.” he said to himself before he got out of the car and headed to the door.


okay can I just say that Tyler Oakley is most thoughtful amazing human and I’m so glad I found his YouTube. He is always trying to be positive even when Twitter is negative and bad things happen. Happy to have him at least a little bit in my life x

whoa, i already have 20 subscribers. Thank you guys so much!!!! I’ll admit that the first video won’t be the best, but I think the more I do them, the better they’ll be and the more comfortable I’ll become :)

i hate all the posts that romanticize all the pretty parts of self care,, because that’s only a fraction of what self care is, it’s not just lighting candles and throwing a bath bomb in the tub, it’s forcing yourself out of bed in order to live everyday life, it’s forcing yourself to eat at least a little bit even though you have no appetite because you know you need to, it’s forcing yourself into the shower at 2 am when you want to give up on everything… self care isn’t always beautiful and happy sometimes it’s dreadful but a necessity

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i was wondering if you'd ever let us read some of your novel? "robins in the night", i think? the plot sounded very intriguing and from what i've seen you have excellent writing style, so i would love to read at least another excerpt!

yeah!! later today i’ll post a little bit of it, right now i’m playing the sims i guess so when that’s done with i’ll share an excerpt of RiTN <3

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Iwatobi boys reaction to their s/o who's on period =.=

Haruka wouldn’t know what to do at first, choosing to stay away from his S/O as he didn’t want to get in their way. He would soon realize that they needed him, though. He would do whatever his S/O asked of him, even buying them tampons/pads, albeit slightly embarrassed.

Makoto would do everything in his power to make sure his S/O was alright, buying them chocolate, pads/tampons and anything that they needed without hesitation. He would cuddle them when their cramps got exceptionally bad, hoping to soothe their pain at least a little bit.

Nagisa, having older sisters, would know what to expect out of his S/O when they were on their period. He’d provide them with anything that they needed, cuddling with them as much as he could. He would, unlike the other boys, know what to do and he’d be pretty calm throughout the week.

Rei would be panicking, frantically looking for a solution on the internet. He’d tend to their every need, feeling confident about his new job as a caretaker for his agonized S/O. He’d probably be intimidated by their mood swings, though. Rei would also be super embarrassed to go out and buy pads or tampons for his S/O. He would, like the rest of the boys, try his best to make sure his S/O was okay.


Four weeks ago yesterday and I can’t get on the phone with my sister without breaking down. And some of you mugwumps wonder why I can’t return your phone calls.

So my sis and I are texting a good bit. This one just rolled in. And now I’ve got to clean up my snot and tears–at least a little bit, before my baby daughter wakes.

“Been up since 5. Cried all day yesterday I’m still so grief stricken at times and physically in pain. I miss her immensely! Her hugs kisses even her smell which wasn’t all that great at times! Bet I made u laugh. She did so much for me Now I’m having to do it. Just think of ALL U DID FOR ME! TYSO Much!!! I love you brother.”

I love you too, sister.


Using fabric scraps: I have been meaning to get to using my scraps, but never seem to get around to it when I have so many other projects on the go!

While working on a project yesterday, I was listening to the Modern Sewciety podcast (if you haven’t checked out Stephanie’s podcasts, they are awesome!) - to an older episode when she interviewed Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts. Amanda Jean is kind of the queen of using up tiny scraps and they were talking about scrap use and organization. I had a sudden need to use scraps, right then and there!

So I dumped my box of scraps onto the floor and started organizing by colour. I had most in the pink, teal/green, and low volume/white categories. I kept those out and put the others away (back in the box, but at least stacked by colour).

I just sewed little bits together, cutting with scissors by my sewing table when needed, and pressing in between. It was a lot of fun, and almost felt meditative. I think it was a really great thing to do after having fairly precise in many of the projects I’ve been working on lately. 

I ended up with two large panels - one made from pink and white/low volume, and the other with teal/green and white/low volume. There are scraps of all sizes in them, even some smaller than 1″ square; it’s fun to see all those little bits of previous projects. The panels are each approximately 16 x 18″ - big enough for lots of possibilities! But, I’m thinking that I might just keep going with this… and make panels with more colours, to end up with a really interesting scrappy quilt? I’m not sure where this will take me, but I know I want to do more of this scrappy improvised sewing! 

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three years ago i was trapped in an awful relationship with a toxic person who blamed me for her drug addition. i had to break up over the phone because every other time i’d tried to break up in person, she had coerced me into staying.

this wednesday my boyfriend drove 45 minutes out of his way just to give me coffee during my long work day like i didn’t have time to do anything but hug him and thank him. when i was close to tears with gratitude, he shrugged and said, “of course.”

things get better. you will go from standing in the shower thinking “god what if this is for the rest of my life” to “god, i hope this is for the rest of my life.” hold on, okay?


CLINTASHA AU - According to official S.H.I.E.L.D. records, Agent Clint Barton brought the infamous Black Widow back to HQ immediately after she surrendered herself. The months leading up to this compromise, however, remain unaccounted for.

“Forget S.H.I.E.L.D. and come with me.”