Dh dpt.kipas usb!! Yeayu! Br laa sejuk sgt2 even ekon dh 22ยฐc…hihihi..bdk2 ni xthn sejuk..kte pns aje.. *ekon xhala ke sy*

*Meh la sejukkn ht yg pns dr td.kt grop ibu2 asyk gado aje.jp sorg sorg nk membidas..sampai esk pong xhbs.. #buhsanbetul. Sampai ak up status kt wall sndiri..huhh..kalo.komen sne kang gado lak nt ada yg sentap..payah. otak xsme ni..

New year, old news by #ASykes

It seems that right when the ball dropped
You already started to drop the ball
And all the things I’ve called to a stop
Are the reason you no longer stop and call
But even if it all stops
I won’t stop at all
And it’s not because it’s New Years, it’s just what grey hairs do
I’ve been at it for over two years
And I’ll continue in the New Years too
So you decided to change for the New Years? Cool
If you didn’t develop from the old years,that just makes you a New Years’s fool
Because resolutions don’t equal execution
It’s just more or less, more of less Improving that you already wasn’t doing
So instead of keeping it moving
You keep choosing..
To keep moving towards what’s already gone
All this time you held off, when it’s time to stop holding on…
to things that have been putting you on hold, And start moving…
on to something that worth not losing
And at times the best way to do that is by not choosing,
but choosing to not give up
Because before you were down
and chose not to get up
As if you’re deaf… once the sound dies down,
all that left is the light you were blinded by… of a life you were meant to live up
So for me New Years is just old news
It’s like having a new pair of old shoes

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TECHnically love by #ASykes

You were heaven sent like an email from Christ
Although I can’t quite put my finger on your type
I Wanted to enter your space at a bar
But you worried that if things shift, I wouldn’t return
Instead I opened a tab, figured I’d get your numbers on lock, you were to whom I was concerned
See there was no escape, that wasnt an option, my wish was your command
To get you on board, I knew the key was using both hands
You normally aren’t fast when it comes to attachments, but I was able to paint you an image
With all the right words, there were no caps or limits
As we move forward I replied how I had a hard-drive to get to this place
But it was worth it because I admire how it’s software I touch your backspace
But I’m not just concerned about your junk or your body
If I happen to cut, I’ll stick around like paste, I hope that you copy
You see I’m not some Mac but I’m a pro
and we’ll probably need air so let’s open up windows
And get wild like a safari, I’ll have you on fire like a kindle
Because I want you on top of my lap, better yet my desktop where I can fill up your inbox
As we play ill press all your buttons, except I’ll never press stop
But let’s change the subject before we lose the connection
You may have up firewalls but let me be your protection
And I’d never control you, you’re all I see, see…
the way that we network should allow us to browse freely
I may not know where we are heading, dear
But I promise that it’ll end sincere

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โ€ขContact by #ASykesโ€ข

I remember those who use to stop and send a message
seems they don’t remember because the message sending stopped…
all the contacts that have lost contact
I can recall back, when people actually called back
Now they’re just faces in a phonebook
simply names on Facebook and a phone
the number of people you count, don’t always equate to the number of people you can count on
I mean we’re always picking up our phones, either looking at or touching
But never look to pick up the phone to stay in touch, And
Communication should no longer be difficult, with all this technology
Instead there’s no communication at all, must be technical difficulties

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