Yeah guys, my pen and me, we are alive! :D

Here you see PURE CANON.
Because Mippt and Izzou this is just… i mean… it’s so much hate that it just HAS to turn, right? You know what i mean! x’D

…Mippt doesnt seem to feel comfortable with Izzou touching da booty.

Also i suck at drawing comics i guess. I just dont have the guts to really really try. Maybe i should…

oldroots asked:

teach me the secrets to drawing goblins as cute as how you do it holy shit

goshhh thank you! 

I dunno aaaa. UM. heck if I know!! I guess I’ve always been fond of asura-type aesthetics?? Like, they’re the reason I got GW2 to begin with. Diminutive impish creatures with big batty ears and pointy teeth, so goood. (I liked the Gremlins movies a lot as a kid, too) also heck goblin-like creatures have always been one of my fav things in fantasy stuff.

especially drawing Sisil and her massive ears reminded me of a super old character I used to draw:

art is from July 2005. ten years ago. haha. I wish I could find more drawings of her!


SD players, three reps of ZZZ <<> followed by three reps of ZZXX has zero KD and is an infinite as long as there are no platforms around to interrupt you. With great power comes great responsibility. Use wisely.

YR and Asura players, class changes are available in the item mall.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for drawing Charr? I can draw asura fairly well but Charr, i cant seem to get the handle on.

  1. learn how to draw felines.
  2. then learn how to draw furries and become YIFFY TRASH.

no but seriously, studying big cat anatomy is a good idea imo, once you get a hang of it you can start pinching and pulling in all the right places that make charr a little more “beasty”, ie i notice the models tend to have slightly longer snoots, and of course the heavier stylization of them being big and bulky especially in the jowls to support those big chompers

then the rest is all really just drawing beefy furries. i feel outside the bodies, the heaviest markers of the charr are the facial structure, which is why i elaborated on it the most

thats how i go about it at least


Debut of Levitii, the asura necromancer (now male) !!  Currently working towards his Daydreamer set.  We finally won a game of 5v5 PvP as a guild and decided to pose for screenshots!  Team [BRUH] aka leftpawsrighthand !

Also featuring:
zachasaur (aka GROOT)
mordremsylvari (Our very own guild leader and mordrem beauty)
fearandbullets​ (That one human thing)
fei-fongwong (The pink plant floof)