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Question Game- tagged by lilylunalovegood

Rule 1: Always post the rules.

Rule 2: Answer the questions the person that tagged you has written and post 11 new ones.

Rule 3: Tag 11 new people and link them to your post.

Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

Questions for me:

1. Meaning behind your URL?

i’m basically like perpetually high. but not. I get sooo loopy and people think I’m a stoner all the time (its funny because I’m totally a stoner- i climb, I like reggae/jungle/dubstep, I play hackysack all the time, I ask stoner-y questions like how the fuck do bikes work. no seriously it don’t make a lick of sense to me. so yeah I’m a stoner except for one key thing that I don’t actually get blazed or anything)

2. Place you most want to visit?

I love Santa Cruz, but anywhere in the pacific northwest is awesome. also alaska. I also want to just kinda bum around great britain for like 2 months. or europe.

3.OTP(s), and BrOTP(s)

OTPs- I actually totally ship 10th doctor/donna even though for most people it’s a brotp, also I’m a hardcore dean/cas shipper like seriously, also Jack Harkness/everybody, and John/Sherlock, also Sherlock/Molly but that’s pretty unpopular I think. OOH also sherlock/joan but that’s probably never going to happen

BrOTPs- I actually can’t think of any but I know that once I post this I’ll think of 14 of them

4. Favorite Male Actor? Favorite Female Actress?

fav male actor? Misha Collins because WOW phenomenal actor right there. or johnny depp because pirates of the caribbean

fav female actress? i can’t think of any right now so I am going to say catherine tate or jenna louise colman

5. Favorite TV shows? Favorite Movies? Favorite Books?

tv shows- BBC robin hood, sherlock, doctor who, supernatural, psych, lie to me (GAH WHY WAS THIS CANCELLED), I also like arrow, covert affairs, hart of dixie, emily owens M.D. and probably more

movies- default is nausicaa of the valley of the wind but it’s basically anything by hayao miazaki, recently added- looper, total recall, hobbit, les miserables, avengers. also appleseed (and its sequel)

books- The Land of Green Ginger!! anything by tamora pierce, rick riordan, I’ve probably read the hp books about 34 times each at least. probably more

6. Do you own any TV show/Movie related clothes/items?

I don’t! I want to though but no moneys

7. If you could live in a TV show/Movie/book, which one would you chose?

this is an impossible question to answer. ALL OF THEM especially if I could like switch and have crossovers and shit

8. How long have you been on Tumblr?

Pretty sure about a year. maybe a little more, but early 2012 was when I started getting into fandoms (right after sherlock season 2 came out… boy that was confusing) 

9. List all your fandoms. That’s right, all of them.

superwholock basically covers everything. and then a bit marvel, harry potter,

10. Favorite Fictional Character?

I think probably Nausicaa or princess mononoke and/or Ashitaka

or castiel. probably more that I can’t think of

OOH i just thought of one- FUCKING CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW MAN love him

11. If you could marry anyone who would it be? If you could kiss anyone who would it be? If you could fuck anyone who would it be?(Fictional or real, it doesn’t matter.) 

oh man this is hard. TOO MANY CHOICES AAAH

marry- probably josh hutcherson because he just seems like an awesome person. also he’s probably the closest to my age that I can think of and for some reason that makes it less weird?

kiss- chris evans because reasons

fuck- can I say misha or is that weird

People I’m Tagging:











My Questions for them

1- Hi. i hope you know you’re awesome, and that I’m really terrible at asking original questions. What would your cloud be shaped as (??? where the fuck did that come from- okay like what would you like to see when you looked up at the clouds? for example a heart, a baboon, a face that looked like misha collins, an angel etc.)

2- do you do fanart for fandoms? if you do, for what fandoms? if you don’t, would you like to and what fandoms would you like to do shit for?

3- what would make you go outside and leave tumblr open on your computer? (like if you saw your fav celebrity outside your window or something like that)

4- any guilty pleasure tv shows/movies/music that you like but wouldn’t really want to tell anyone?

5- if your ipod was sinking (no like legitly sinking into the ocean or something and slowly dying a painful death) and you could only save 3 songs what would they be? (ignore the fact that you could probably replace any song you wanted to) also why if you want

6- do you have a favorite artist? It could be like van gogh or maybe someone on deviantart or maybe just something you saw on the wall by the road you walked down the other day.

7- your favorite shirt?

8- what poster would you love to have on your wall and/or what posters do you have on your wall?

9- you know how you go into phases with songs like right now I can’t stop listening to Broken Crown by Mumford & Sons but I’m trying to stop because I know I’m going to be sick of it if I don’t stop… yeah yours?

10- do you like sleeping on your back or stomach? or on your sides? which side? (please excuse awkward random question sorry I’m just pulling shit out of my ass)

11- LAST QUESTION YES okay this is reaal important so listen up. if you could meet any fictional/real character/celebrity of all time who would it be? and/or if you could see any concert by any band of all time what/who would it be?

please excuse the weird questions I just wrote because I’m rambling and trying to be original

Have fun :)

setyourzapperstopew asked:

hi im your secret santa and since you've been such a good recipient i now declare you my new best friend and there's no way to get out of it :p i hope you had a merry christmas and harry potter marathon sounds fabulous :D

omg! I thought I responded to this already! I guess it did not send :(. Anyways you were a wonderful secret santa! Yes! indeed we are the best of friends now and i would never want to get out of it anyway! <3

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