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I’m running for a position in student government at University of Oregon. The ASUO has control over a 13 million dollar fund every year and is incredibly important to the community at the University.

Our campaign focuses on progressive goals more specifically student safety, campus affordability, and cultural diversity. Sexual harassment/assault prevention and support, forming student renters coalitions to fight unfair rental prices, and diversifying student involvement are a few of the many ofgoals of our campaign.

We would love your support by liking our facebook page, all it takes is one click and would help us out an incredible amount. Sharing this post would also help us as well. Thanks a bunch for reading this!

Honestly Daniel Handler has been my role model for years cuz he has the writing skills to write “serious” grown up stuff but totally chooses to write awesome kids books instead, and he manages to have an incredible sense of humor while openly acknowledging the many ways in which life is really shitty. He writes in a way so that even a tin shack full of angry crabs, dripping fungus, and ugly wallpaper seems aesthetically interesting and creates a challenging backdrop for plot