I just wanted to show the asuka character love for Shinji and her personality.  Despite that I know that I am missing some shots from ep 22 that help for the understanding of asuka character I just wanna focus on the asushin part.

In the end….both of them understand each other….the title speaks for itself: 



Source: All the texts are from evageek, I do not own any text. The analysis of the shots is from evageek user Ran 1

The Human Equation (A Neon Genesis Evangelion fanwork)

So last week I posted about the first chapter of my first Evangelion fanfiction in years, I’m pleased to say that I’ve uploaded the second chapter as well. This one carries on a short while after the first and does a little bit more work building characters and setting up the world after the series end.

So obviously spoilers for the series be within and here is:

The Human Equation - Chapter 02 - Thoughts Pt.2

And for anyone who missed it and wants to catch up.

The Human Equation - Chapter 01 - Hedgehogs Dilemma.

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