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Hi! Sorry,I was just wondering if you knew anything about the theatre program at the university of Arizona versus northern Arizona university?

I used to live in Tucson, actually!  I’d say most people would agree that the ranking in AZ would be U of A, ASU, then NAU, in terms of theatre.  U of A is a pretty renowned program of theatre!  I have heard good and bad, given that many of my friends went there, but overall I think U of A is more highly regarded.  

Liberal lame brains at ASU say “walk only” zones are “microaggressions” against the disabled

Arizona State University has several “walk only” zones that are in effect during peak school hours designed to prevent cyclists and skateboarders from colliding with pedestrians. 

Admittedly, seeing a “walk only” sign on a government property would make my inner libertarian want to sprint through the place in protest of being told what to do.  However, let’s let sanity and reason reign free here: nobody is being forced to attend ASU.  If you choose to attend ASU for your higher education, you can be reasonably expected to abide by the campus rules (so long as those rules do not infringe on your basic inalienable rights).  Pedestrian traffic rules don’t infringe on anyone’s God-given rights. 

However, some in the perpetually offended crowd have found an excuse to cry “discrimination” (which is the current liberal go-to for anything they don’t like).  This one is full of the new buzz word “microaggression,” the hip new way of stamping out basically any behavior anywhere that doesn’t fit the liberal progressive ideal.

from Campus Reform:

Arizona State University students are petitioning the university to change the name of its pedestrian walkways as its current name—Walk-Only Zones—might be a “microaggression” and “offensive” to people who cannot walk.

The public university enforces these Walk-Only Zones on its Tempe, Ariz., campus during the weekdays in certain areas around campus in order to “enhance pedestrian safety” and “ease vehicle congestion,” according to the university’s website. During the enforcement period, during which students are paid to patrol, wheeled vehicles (including bicycles, delivery vans, landscaping vehicles, golf carts, scooters, Segways, skateboards, etc.) are banned from the area.

But according to a petition signed by more than 50 people, the zones’ name “marginalizes disabled bodies who cannot walk.” Started by Alec Melger of Mesa, Ariz., the petition asks the university to change the name of the zones to “Pedestrian Only” or another “inclusive” name.

“I was on crutches for 5 weeks and felt uncomfortable when seeing this sign,” James Qian, of Tempe, Ariz., wrote on the petition.

“This is necessary. Oppressive language is a microagression [sic] that needs to be addressed and is often forgotten about,” signee Victoria Jackson, also of Tempe, Ariz., wrote. “Word choice is one of the easiest things to change and often one of the most powerful.”

According to a poster circulating ASU’s campus and obtained by Campus Reform, “not everyone at ASU can walk, so WHY use the lingo ‘Walk Only’?”

“We don’t like creepy people policing our bodies on the way to class either…,” the poster reads.

ASU does offer a service for students and faculty that provides transportation to those who may need assistance. The school’s Disability Access and Resource Transportation (DART) program offers on-campus transportation to ASU students, faculty, and guests with physical disabilities.

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I can hardly think of anything more condescending that the mindset that believes physically disabled people need to have the English language policed for them.  

“Policing our bodies”?  Honestly, if we’re going to go down this road, I submit that the flyers and petitions are a “microaggression” against disabled people who want self-righteous progressives to leave them out of it.

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18:00 Mafumafu

19:00 Urata x Aho no Sakata (with n.k), HaRuk@, Meychan x Shack 

20:00 Yukimura., frt, NORISTRY, Souren, Araki, Edo

20:29 Glutamine x 164

I will not forgive all of you -__________-

Stop covering “Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan” too. I have too many versions to keep now.


strange things happen! normally i’m not a pants person, like schmoe, BUT this is already the second pants in the last month i have absolutely fallen in love with…. it reminds me of both the 70ies and the early 2000ies where ALL the “cool” girls in my high school had exactly this style and brand of jeans. i never had them because my parents said paying more than 15€ for a pair of pants is ridiculous. now i found them cheap on amazon buyvip and can finally be one of the cool kids!! XD
with my BTTF top this is now my “back to the 70ies”-look…. or “back to 2000”. ^^°

flared jeans: miss sixty
top: welovefine
fake leather jacket: new yorker
floral crown: H&M
shoes: justfab

(i drew the sketch in a break at work and forgot that i had braids this day XP)