➕Cardinal Grand Cross: Pluto 13 degrees Capricorn<opposing> Jupiter 13 degrees Cancer AND Mars 13 degrees Libra<opposing> Uranus13 degrees Arie)..change, inward and outward…it’s ok to feel vulnerable..feel the fear and do it anyway..ideas are changing to reflect the world we want to create. 🔲➕🔳🔘✨🌌🌙🌀 And a full moon, a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse keep things active. Stay safe everyone, remember to breathe and come from a place of love-your heart! 💛💚💙💗❤💜 #astrology#grandcross#thepowerofthirteen#thirteen#cardinal#change#witchy#astrophile#ancient#magic#april#shakingitup#stars#planets#universe#planetearth#meditation#love#astro#spirit

A split personality can be disturbing, especially when it affects someone you least expected it to. Now it seems stars, too, can have disturbingly fractured personas. The discovery of the first pulsar that shines at different frequencies at different times is tarnishing the reputation of this class of pulsing dead star. Until now, pulsars have been relied upon as cosmic timekeepers, but perhaps we can’t take their regularity for granted any longer.

We had thought of pulsars – the dense remnants of exploded stars – as emitting radio waves, X-rays or gamma rays in bursts of such regularity that you could practically set your watch by them. Pulsars are spinning neutron stars, with strong magnetic fields that emit beams of radiation from their poles. The poles are offset from the axis of rotation – just as the magnetic poles on Earth do not line up with true north and south. This offset means the beams sweep around like a lighthouse as the pulsar rotates, giving the star’s radiation a distinctive pulse when viewed from a distance.

Individual pulsars can emit radiation at a range of frequencies, from radio waves to gamma rays, and some radio pulsars have been seen to dim or evenstop broadcasting all together. That finding had previously cast some doubt on pulsars’ otherwise impeccable reputation for dependability.

The latest discovery takes that to a new level, though. When Wim Hermsen of the Netherlands Institute for Space Research in Utrecht and colleagues took the first simultaneous measurements of both the radio and gamma radiation from B0943+10, a pulsar known to emit at both frequencies, they got a shock.

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electricbluetempest said:

The fandom would probably make you a 1-dimensional astrophile.

Huh. Silly fandom.

You’d probably be misconstrued as that weird girl who has a fetish for arachnids and is therefore creepy and probably has an army of them in her basement that she sics on people.


I discovered recently that I pit my happiness on other people.

I find a person and I latch on.

Like a leech I attach myself

And suck on them until there is nothing left.

When there isn’t one iota left of them

I die.

And they say goodbye.

I am a man with a broken leg,

Grabbing those within reach and propping them up beneath him like crutches.

People these days use the word love too liberally.

I love sushi.

I love my phone.

I love you.

There is a difference between loving someone,

And being in love with someone.

Well scissor sister,

I’m in love with everyone I see.

Out of necessity really.

Because if I didn’t have you,

Who would I be?

The answer is simple,

I would be me.

Shitty, fucked up, and normal.

So let me reiterate the former.

I am nowhere without her auburn hair,

And each of her freckles on her nose alongside all the speckles on her personality that glisten when I think I’m in the dark.

I made her into a palimpsest,

I covered her over and wrote what I thought was best

For me,

And not for her.


Not for her,

And why should I care?

She left her phone in her room!

She said she be back soon!

And now I’m stuck reaching for the moon!

Like Astrophil I can’t reach you.

You control my tides and my lies and all the sides of my personality that I never knew existed until you did.

And now you don’t,

Because I painted over you and put down a self-portrait.

I am a self-absorbed Picasso ejaculating graffiti

Over your sisters and brothers and family and friends.

Just try and stop me there will be no end

To my rampage across town.

As I run my memories are going down on your skin as hickeys

Staining you like a cheap tee shirt.

You leave because you have no choice.

You must wash yourself of me,

Bleach me away with all of your colour.

Banish me to ex-boyfriend hell,

But as I go I’ll spill down your drains leaving with me

A faint odour of Clorox and hair gel.