Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day

October 28 2011


I send a composition made of the Full Moon in perigee and apogee maximum this year.
Moon at perigee was photographed on March, when the Moon (Super Moon) was the largest in nearly twenty years.
The Full Moon has been photographed in apogee today, October 12 (Columbus Day) at dawn, at the farthest point of its elliptical orbit this year.
Both pictures of the Moon have been captured as it passes through the meridian.

Telescope: Sky Watcher Refractor 120/1000
Camera: Canon EOS 500D at prime focus
Exposure: 1 / 500
ISO: 100
Composition: Photoshop CS5
Jose Manuel Villa (villanus)

Best regards

Submitted by: Lira

Location: Orihuela (Spain)

Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day - October 05 2011

Elephant’s Trunk LRGB combination (Ha + RGB)

This is a variatIon of an existing RGB picture, combined with another Ha picture used as luminance.

The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula is a concentratIon of interstellar gas and dust and Ionized gas regIon located in the constellatIon Cepheus about 2,400 light years away from Earth. The piece of the Nebula shown here is the dark, dense globule IC 1396A; it is commonly called the Elephant Trunk Nebula because of its appearance at visible wavelengths, where it is a dark patch with a bright, sinuous rim.

Telescope: GSO Reflector 200mm f/4
Reducer/corrector: Baader MPCC
Filter RGB: IDAS LPS 2”
Filter Ha: Baader Ha 7nm
Mount: Vixen GPD2 Autostar Meade
Camera: Canon 350D no filter
Exposure RGB: 5x600s@800iso
Exposure Ha: 12x300@800iso
Guiding camera: Meade DSI Pro
Guiding software: K3CCDTools

Submitted by: moladso

Location: Soria (Spain)

Simeis 147 in mapped color

Date: December 1-3,2010, January 24 -28, 2011
Optics: Canon 300mm lenses at f/2.8
Mount: ASA DDM85
Camera: SBIG STL11000M
Exposure time: total 48 hours ( SII=32x30min, Ha=32x30min, OIII=32x30min,) Binning 1X1
Filters: - Baader 8nm narrowband filters
Processing: Stacked and processed in PixInsight. Further elaboratIon in Photoshop.
Emil Ivanov

Submitted by: Emil Ivanov (emivanov)

Location: Varna, Bulgaria

Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day

October 25 2011

NGC 1499 California nebula

California nebula. Ha 24x720 sec, Sll 12x900 sec, Olll 8x900 sec. Ha taken in France in 11 september, Sll and Olll taken 1 oktober in the Netherlands.
Telescope: WO 72 mm F6. Mounts: Eq6 pro and Mesu#2.Camera Atik 383L mono.

Submitted by: Dick van Tatenhove (dickvantatenhove)

Location: Domaine de Pradienes France and Almere the Netherlands

Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day - October 07 2011

The largest spot in recent times

Sunspot AR11302 is a big monster, an active regIon of great impact and activity, has also created various flares. A real prelude solar maximum.The Earth is shown to scale.

Reflector 8 inches at 4.600 focal lenght.
Baader Astrosolar film and colour Red filter.
Camera DMK 31.

Submitted by: Eduard Garcia-Ribera ( (Edu)

Location: Ager (Spain)

Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day - October 03 2011

Three prominences playing with fire

Image captured with a single exposure, the same for prominences and disk without the need to merge two different images.
On the left we see the planet Earth to scale.

-Telescope LUNT LS100T and barlow 2.5x
-Camera DMK 31

1200 frames with Registax5 and Photoshop CS

Submitted by: Eduard Garcia-Ribera (Edu)

Location: Balaguer (Spain)

Sagittarius Treasures

A classic summer view in the core of Sagittarius with Nebulae M8, M20 and NGC6559 dominating the image. What is less usual is the visibility of both HII regIons Sharpless 22 and 34, not so often spot in similar fields of view. Total exposure was 4 hours (HaRGB) with a Pentax lens 67 300mm f/4 and a FLI Proline. Nebula appearance of M8 and M20 was improved by adding to the lens image details from two other former images I took with a TEC 140 (RGB) and an SDHF75 (Ha).

Submitted by: marco lorenzi

Location: Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia