boiguhs-deactivated20131113 asked:

Assumption: you're a genuinely nice girl who thinks more with her mind rather than her heart (true or false) Uncomfortable/Awkward: I want you to sign "I want sexy time" while wearing something that'd mean you really want sexy time. Your blog in 3 words: Hilarious, Reblog-able, & Adorable (talking about the girl on the right :) I follow you because you're always on top of things that make me smile. Not a lot of people can hold my attention like your blog can.

For the assumption: True :)

For the Uncomfortable/Awkward thingy: That is definitely both! :)) I can sign that, but I probably wouldn’t mean it :))

Blog in 3 words: Thank you :“>

Why you follow me: Well then come here and let me love you! LOL.