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NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman aboard the ISS: “SpaceVine timelapse - @astro_alex (ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst) worked the arm and I pushed the “so long” button on Cygnus.”

Credit: Reid Wiseman/NASA


And the winners are Boeing and Spacex! These two companies are now making NASA’s two new space ships, the replacements for the space shuttles.

The upper row of images show Boeing’s CST-100. This one hearkens back to the Apollo era capsules and indeed it uses much of the same technology. NASA’s decision to fund them with $4.2 billion dollars ensures that one of their space ships will be built by a veteran company of the space industry. Boeing’s past experience must be considered as they’ll be able to streamline certain processes and their technology has been proven over the course of four decades in space.

SpaceX was awarded $2.6 billion dollars to build the Dragon V2 spaceship (shown in the lower row of images above). This ship is extremely cheap and runs on newer and groundbreaking technology. Unlike Boeing, SpaceX is new to the scene and plays a crucial role in the development of the modern space age. At SpaceX, engineers work on new ways to get to space and better, cheaper methods of doing so.

That Boeing received more money than SpaceX isn’t indicative of one receiving a primary role and the other a secondary, both companies supplied NASA with the information on how much monetary support they’d need to build their spaceships and SpaceX simply didn’t need as much help as Boeing.

Rejoice, today the next space age begins. NASA’s officially handed over the torch for the first time, from government responsibility to get to space, over to private companies. NASA can now turn it’s full attention to the next step: getting to Mars…


Thanks to ILC Dover, I was able to attain some pretty cool fabrics, including a slippery ripstop nylon and insulated mylar. I’ve always been inspired by space and space gear. The coolest thing ever made by human kind is the Space Shuttle! Anyways, I took the space color scheme and a bit of the feel and made this pack. It’s the flimsiest pack I’ve ever made but not in a bad way. It was a challenge to work with the super light ripstop but I’m glad I finally gained enough courage to explore the really cool fabric. Americayle was kind enough to give me one of his amazing bleached American Flag patches. Cheers!