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The Cosmic Chemistry of Sister Signs ❤

The twelve zodiac signs represent six paired polarities, which esoterically, indicate our soul journey. The 6 polarities of the zodiac can be subdivided by their 6 pairs of complementary opposites; where their opposition or ‘sister’ sign represents the merging of transformative dual energies into wholeness. Sister signs are cosmic polarities, each blending a unique magic of their own, and when fused in consciousness create One. Wholeness. GodForce. While signs on the opposite side of the circle indicate opposite moments in seasonal time, the opposition aspect is figured by dividing the circle by 2; therein lies the symbol of the sister sign: relationship. Your sister sign is the duality of you, often subconsciously repressed. “Now they are a circle, and they vibrate together, they pulsate together. Their hearts are no longer separate, their beats are no longer separate, they have become a melody, a harmony. It is the greatest music possible, all other musics are just faint things compared to it, shadow things compared to it."— Osho

Libra and Aries = The Marriage of Venus and Mars
In Aries we create and through Libra we refine and beautify. The Libra and Aries axis emanate the dual forces of masculine and feminine energies in their most raw format; neither which exist without the other. Aries is the newborn, primitive- forming the personality and declaring independence in the first house- and becomes aware of the presence of others, requiring another hand to multiply pleasure through Libra’s seventh house. Aries learns he can’t always have his own way through Libra, and the charm of Venus learns self assertion and the development of a good, self structured ego through Aries. It’s harder to love without being love and finding light in yourself knowing yourself; and without the creative self expression, questioning self identify and divinely directed ego centrism of Aries, it is impossible for the Libran to scatter their love in greatest potential.

Taurus and Scorpio = Precious Jewels and Unwritten Wills
The axis of Taurus and Scorpio relates to self mastery, indulgence and the exchange of material. In Taurus, we are concerned with accumulating belongings through the exchange of revenue ‘ownership’; where Scorpio is concerned with the unseen exchanges- the family heirloom secrets, legacies, wills and death, the hidden undercurrents of our belongings; and ownership becomes 'ours’. Taurus wants what he can’t touch but can see, and Scorpio wants what he can touch but can’t see. The second house pays in cash, whereas the eighth house guards its mysterious pasts and stories of previous owners. In the axis of fertility, Taurus relates to sensual, physical indulgence and pleasure, whereas Scorpio seeks deep, penetrating emotional communion - both which form relationship and reproduction. In many ways this is an axis of creativity through fertility and while Taurus is content in the 'real world’, Scorpio grabs her by the hand and lures her into the unknown; Taurus indulges in pleasure and comforts, Scorpio indulges in the unknown.

Gemini & Sagittarius = Graduating from high school to university
In Gemini and Sagittarius we reunite the student with the teacher; and the dual nature of these two signs indicate the student and the teacher frequently switch roles, although curious childlike Gemini will likely look  more to philosophical and broader Sagittarius through the student’s eyes. Gemini is fascinated in his immediate environment, happy to dance around the superficial and gauge a little knowledge about everything; whereas Sagittarius wishes to wander, searches for revelation and gives wisdom and meaning to the information garnered by Gemini. Gemini teaches Sagittarius to explore with curiosity and without prejudice, and Sagittarius teaches Gemini to explore in search of belief and truth. This is the axis of the cosmic trickster Gemini and the truth seeking Sagittarius; where Gemini talks and Sagittarius ensures people keep coming back for the lectures.

Cancer & Capricorn = Reuniting the cosmic mother and father
In Cancer and Capricorn we assemble the whole family together through the Lunar Mother, Saturnian father figure and the fourth house of sought 'home’. This is the axis of structure, the Capricorn backbone fused with the supernatural protective forces and intuition of the Moon that creates an environment of security.  Cancer is largely concerned with emotional security, and creates an environment of nurturing; while Capricorn relates to the need and creation of practical security and the nurturing of profession; each relying on each other to sustain. Cancer makes a world within them, and Capricorn uses these visions and manifests it into reality. The Moon relates to our inner child, and Saturn the parent; one non existent without the other. Cancer teaches Capricorn the art of opening up and indulging, and Capricorn teaches self discipline and mentors the grounding back into reality.

Leo and Aquarius = The personal Savior with the universal savior
The Leo and Aquarius axis associates with Leos direction personal love  with the collective love garnered by Aquarius. Leo creates the strong ego force, the self identity and the confident expression that allows Aquarius to flourish in the spectrum of revolution and vibrate their own frequency free of inhibition. Leo is more concerned with saving people one by one, and protecting the innocent, vulnerable, singular; while Aquarius relates to broad social activism, social service and implementing their ideals to better mass humanity. Leo is the Sun, the will of the ego, and Aquarius is the community; each interlocking in the fusion of universal love with individuality and the self with society. Leo teaches Aquarius the art of love with another, while Aquarius teaches Leo the art of love in friendship. Without the love emanated by the heart of Leo, Aquarius cannot sufficiently scatter their love across humanity

Pisces and Virgo = the eternal servant of the world with the eternal servant of god
Virgo and Pisces axis reflects the dissociation between the imagined with reality, order with chaos, and the establishment of the self in the real world while contemplating and understanding the sphere beyond it. Virgo is the unselfish servant and instrument of the external world and everyday society while Pisces is the unselfish servant of God. In Virgo we heal with hands, practical approach, and the intellect; in Pisces we heal with intuition, supernatural healing forces and responding to hidden emotional undercurrents - thus reflecting a 'healing’ axis. Virgo is self contained, constrained by consensual reality and engaged too richly in her surrounding environment, while Pisces is unfocused, unstructured and dancing on the borderline of the ethereal. Virgo acts to anchor Pisces into presence in reality while Pisces teaches Virgo the art of exploring the space between their thoughts and seek the celestial.


Cradling the Capricorn Heart 

Every fibre in their bodies, reminds Capricorn the heart is a physical organ, yet as it provides the body homeostatic mechanics, it also pumps love, discontentment and yearning through their vessels -grey washing every logical framework, leaving them confused and uncertain. It is easy for Capricorn to become too one-sided, neglect their emotional fulfilment and eschew all romantic sentiment. Their ruler, Saturn, mentors harsh discipline and constant reminders of harsh reality, that, although the Capricorn will conform, deep within them, these individuals are hiding an intense need for appreciation, adoration and pure love. They will work tirelessly if only to gain the recognition of others, rarely receiving it in the form they need- legacy of Capricorn’s austere expression and surface level assertiveness. Their natural composure and tendency to avoid conversations with emotional undertones suggests their company is unlikely to gauge the screams coming from deep within their beings - ‘tell me I have done a good job,’ 'tell me you appreciate my work’, 'tell me you noticed..’. More than often, the people around them have no idea, of the childlike vulnerability and terminal isolation that Capricorn inside. 

Capricorn are exceptional at masking inner worries, anxieties and volatilities. Born with an inbuilt sense of self assertion and responsibility, these individuals feel they must remain consistent, stable and dependable, for the sake of what is their cosmic duty. People feel naturally inclined to rely on Capricorn for the sake of re-assurance, and this often leaves them feeling as though if they lost their dependability, they may have nothing else to offer. Even early on in life, the Capricorn was victim to an intense inner monologue, one that is quick to criticize, and remind them of their shortcomings. The fondness and admiration of others is the suture to the cutting critique, and yet, they experience so much trouble expressing this need. Capricorn understands adulation can come from career success, and will direct most of their energy into ensuring the revenue of corporate triumph. Materialism comes only from the need to fill the outside with the jewels and treasures that can be missing from the inside.

Capricorn prefer to deal with issues on their own, and are reticent about soliciting advice. They tend to feel vulnerable, and uncomfortable in deep conversations regarding themselves -although they want nothing more than to seek the approval of someone else. Often time, Capricorn feel unworthy of affection and devotion, believing they have not achieved enough to be recipient of the love they deserve. Naturally more oriented to work than pleasure, it is common for Capricorn to repress all emotion and sentiment until they have a logical composition to work through. The tendency of others to find comfort leaning on Capricorn for their support instils them with the fear that if they lose stability, everything around them will collapse.

I guess all I am trying to say is next time you see a Capricorn tell them you love them and they are so appreciated and loved. 

♡♡♡ Cherry

Aquarius - The New Age Frequency 

As we move beyond the spiritual Age of Pisces into the secular Age of Aquarius, the world’s frequencies shift in gear and emit a new vibration to which human consciousness can experience and align with. As we enter the age of individualisation, technology and the 5th dimension of love and creativity, the children of the Water Bearer omit the frequencies of the New Age, and act as vessels which provide the new numinous and innovative information for progression. Such individuals born under Aquarius experience the ultimate gamut of the intuition and sorcery granted by the Aquarian Age, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, the art of mass influence tied with the electric psychic energies of their ruler, Uranus. Deliriums and hallucinations are considered pathology, but only from the realms of scientific reality. Aquarius symbolizes a sign where material is merged with meaning, and clairvoyance, telepathy and dreaming become guiding forces. This is especially aligning with the energies of the Aquarian Age.

The nerve endings of Aquarius are an electrically charged sixth sense insight into the words, needs and feelings of others. The Aquarian Age indicates the fulfilment of 5th Dimensional communities and the ascension to the 5th Dimension of love and creativity, and this is an intrinsic quality and flair in the Aquarius archetype. Like Aquarius, the corresponding Age is set to overturn known social convention and breathe fresh air into the mundane and outdated. Electric Aquarians will send shockwaves through the world’s holy water and arouse all sorts of spiritual friction, high voltage and drastic changes and possess a hypnotic influence over the collective mass consciousness. The sign of Aquarius is at home in this Age, and it is truly time for the Air intelligence to shine and realign the world with their progressive virtue, rampant intellectualisation and belief in unconditional equality. These individuals are already well informed and visionary when it comes to the themes and energies of the Aquarian Age; where the promotion of the free, the radical and the reformist will streak through all known societal structures. 

The Aquarian frequency is low, cool and refreshing; and this is much like the breath of fresh air orchestrated by the divine for our planet during this New Age. As Jesus waits in the home of Aquarius, the 11th House, the Water Bearer nourishes humanity with new insights, expansion and the promise of finding a peace that is truly individualised. The key themes around the Aquarian incarnation including self actualization and individualisation will be echoed as an intrinsic development of each and every soul, as the patriarchy of religion and government slips away from grip. Traditionally in Astrology, the sign of Aquarius is understood to associate with heavenly or esoteric energies, and was introduced in Atlantis alongside its neighbour sign, Pisces. Here the water of Aquarius is baptising the new world, sensing our connectedness and responsibility for, the future of humanity. Humanitarian issues like asylum seekers, poverty freedom of movement, speech, thought and association are all concerns to which the Aquarian and its Age intend to align with justice. Aquarians hold their memory of the starry vault of heaven and cosmos from which we emerge, and lure or souls to return to these worlds and return to play with the galaxies far away.