Caught the 1941 ‘proto-noir’ film I Wake Up Screaming on TCM last night. It was originally called Hot Spot, released in 1941 and re-released in a bigger way again in 1948. You’ll spot posters, stills and lobby cards online under both titles. The movie’s based on a novel by the same name by Steve Fisher (the cover pic above is from Pulp Covers), who got to co-write the screenplay with Dwight Taylor. The story is pretty basic 1940’s era crime melodrama stuff: Agent/promoter Frankie Christopher (Victor Mature, he of the always astoundingly glistening black hair) is accused of murdering Vicky Lynn (played by Carole Landis), an actress he discovered as a waitress, and Frankie ends up trying to prove his innocence with the unlikely help of the victim’s own sister, Jill Lynn, played by Betty Grable in one of her few dramatic roles. There are nice supporting roles by Laird Cregar (just read a novel I’ll be posting about with a character repeatedly referred to as ‘that guy who looks like Laird Cregar) and Elisha Cook Jr. For my money, Carole Landis is the heart of the film, though her on-screen time is largely seen in flashbacks. Cool title, nifty dark ‘n shadowy scenes, and always fun to watch the birth of a dark and jaded film-making style that would evolve into what we call Film Noir.

man its hard to realize when you have no skill or talent

like im getting better at arting but i am years away from being anywhere near my ideal place with it

i cant do anything specal, or anything super well. I’m like, waiting for that random day when i discover i’m really good at something but it doesn’t work that way.you kind of get tricked into thinking everyone has a special talent from movies and cartoons and tv shows but it doesn’t work like that.

i don’t know how to play instruments or have any great knowledge on anything. Im not an expert or particularly good at anything. I’m astoundingly average in pretty much anything i do.

I just have no skill. Anything that I could think up that might be something i’m good at, is something very normal TO be good at.

idk rlly

When I was about 9 or 10, I used to go over to my friend Gillian’s house and we would play the Door Game. This involved sitting on either side of a closed door (one of us in her bedroom, one just outside) and pushing notes and scribbled pictures under the door. We would add comments or draw doodles on each other’s pics and laughed ourselves stupid.

Basically, I think we invented Tumblr in 1981.

Laura’s Delightful Damnation

Some background info on the above: This is basically fan-art and fan-fic rolled into one. It’s from the brilliant wicdiv (The Wicked + The Divine) books. It’s a fantastic piece of work so far and I highly recommend it! kierongillen and mckelvie do an astoundingly brilliant job and I certainly cannot get enough of it. 

Made with Paper


I’m always surprised by how many people don’t know that Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle is based on a novel by the prolific British fantasy author Diana Wynne Jones.  The novel is significantly different from the film; there are some wonderful surprises in there for you if you’ve only seen the film!

Also, if you can’t get enough of Howl and Sophie, there are two sequels: Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways.  Each has a new set of main characters, but Howl, Sophie, and Calcifer are important supporting characters.  Howl and Sophie’s son also appears in both of the sequels.

Diana Wynne Jones (who sadly passed away recently) had a lively, hilarious writing style.  Her stories are tightly plotted and her world-building is astoundingly creative.  If you check out Howl’s Moving Castle and like her stuff, there’s much more to explore!  Every single one of her books that I have read has been thoroughly enjoyable and engaging.  I very much recommend the Chrestomanci books - these don’t have to be read strictly in any order but Charmed Life and The Lives of Christopher Chant are both good starting points.

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A Little More :GOT7,Jackson

A Little More: GOT7,Jackson(M)
In which you two progress from friends to a little something more.(SMUTTY SMUT SMUT)

Requested by anon, I hope you enjoy~

REQUEST:Heyy love could i please request a got7’s jackson scenario? ♥ Where we start off as real close mates, then we become friends with benefits or sex buddies haha and eventually ending in a relationship ;) Real smutty thank youuu :*


It had all started two weeks ago, and honestly I don’t know how it hadn’t begun earlier. All I knew is that I was so incredibly grateful it had been initiated, and like dominos, it all fell into place, astoundingly perfect.Yet there was a flaw.A single domino had gone awry, halting the reaction right in it’s tracks. He had yet to say the word girlfriend. And as I sat on his bed, Old Spice and sex clinging to my skin, I felt dirty. Jackson had been my best friend since our freshmen year of high school. But it had become more. Maybe it was the pent up attraction that finally combusted? There was a flash and we were in the backseat of the Volvo again, his hands tearing at my cardigan, tongue working it’s way into my mouth. I was elated and responding with just as much fever, just as much ardor on display.Then I heard it. Zip.
He had undone his pants. There was no silent permission granted, he knew what I wanted and Jackson was dead set on getting it. That was so like him, THIS ENTIRE SITUATION is so like him. I’ve known him for years, seen him string girls along in lust with empty promises of love.But here I was. In his shirt.On his bed. In his apartment. After a quickie .The shower was running and steam seeped out into the room.Hickies adorned my neck like a collar. There was not tag. I felt so dirty. I am not his girlfriend, I am a fuck buddy. I have been the best friend / fuck buddy for two weeks and until this epiphany I have never felt so freaking dirty. I had opened my legs, laid out my heart and only one offer had been swept up.The water shut off and moments later he emerged, towel slung low on his waist, skin glossy and dripping with warm water. He smiled upon seeing me and brushed his damp hair away from his face.The strength of his deep brown eyes made me stare. Every feature was prominent, from his hard jaw line to his expressive brows.
"I’ll make us some lunch." He didn’t have to ask what I wanted.Jackson knew my favorites inside out. I merely nodded and headed for the bathroom. He sighed and grasped my arm. "_______-ah,what’s wrong?" I turned to see his face, it was soft and swimming with concern.
"Nothing, really.Just go make some food fast.You have a schedule at nine remember."He nodded , still worried and headed for the kitchen. I followed behind him and sat on a stool, watching him work his way around the kitchen.
”______?”He looked over his shoulder from the now cooking kimchi fried rice.
"Yeah?"I was almost caught staring at his muscular back.Oh god I’ll never escape this one.
"What am I to you?" There was silence, only to be broken by the sound of him scraping the food onto our plates. I said nothing. He sighed and came around the counter, placing his hands on my cheeks. I didn’t realize I was crying until he gently wiped a tear from my eye.
"I feel so stupid Jackson." His eyebrows furrowed in confusion and shock.
"Yes. Stupid. *insert ugly sniffle here* I know how you treat girls, but now I’m one of them, we all love Jackson Wang, but he just wants to fuck.Isn’t that how it always goes? The most handsome guy never has a heart to give?"I chuckled sadly through a sob and he closed his eyes slowly. I guess he was searching for patience. I mean, he didn’t bargain for this right? I had kept my shit together for two weeks and suddenly I wanted to talk emotions? If I have any dignity. I’ll leave. So I stood and headed for the room.
"Where are you going?" A bitter smile sent to him.
'Home.” Eyes closed.More searching for patience.”______.”
"Don’t worry, our moms don’t have to know and-"
”________!!!!!!” I froze.He had never raised his voice at me before. “Sit down.” I nodded no and turned when a strong grip enclosed my wrist and tossed me across the room and onto the couch. “I’m no good with this stuff _____, you know that.” I rubbed my wrist and looked away.Staring at him for any longer would tear me apart. My head hurt from the tears blurring my vision.”But I’ll try. I’ve loved you for so long, so just for you , I’ll die trying.” I turned swiftly to gape as he came closer to the couch. “I love you___. There’s a reason why I never gave out my heart.It was always with you.I want you to be my girlfriend, but you’re so..You’re almost unattainable.” ME? I blinked rapidly. “My biggest fear was that if I asked too much, it would push you away and-“
"You never asked anything." He looked away."It’s not in your nature to ask .You feel entitled."
"I’m sorry." I thought back to his aggressive sex, how it was always the same.He would text me a time and place, enjoy my stupidity and let me go.I reveled in it though, because I love him so much that I would take what I got.
"Don”t be, I knew what I was getting into."
"NO.I’m sorry.Let me show you?" Was he..Asking me? "Please." I nodded slowly.It was as if the dream was completed.We had fucked, plain and simple, many times.But not once have you ever-"Let me make love to you."His palm came forward, trembling.
"You’ve never shook before." He grinned through the nerves that slowly started to surface. "Jackson Wang, are you nervous?" Jackson chuckled .
"No. I don’t get nervous."
"Right, you’re the marvelous Jackson Wang.The most interesting man in the world."He straddled me and let his lips graze mine.
"Wait." He reached over to the table for my sound system’s remote. I could make out the beggining strains of Wicked Games by the Weeknd. (You should play it :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hrrqhKGCZM) He tried to sing along and I cracked a smile when his voice broke attempting to mimic the sweet falsetto. “Your smile is beautiful.” All the air was sucked from the room as he returned to his previous position, this time looking straight into my eyes. The slow, hypnotic beat added grit to the kiss placed on my collarbone. A slow burn began and soon we were lost. His shirt was yanked away by my needy hands. The button down was now a scrap of cloth .Panting filled the space .

So tell me you love me
Only for tonight
Only for the night
Even though you don’t love me
Just tell me you love me
I’ll give you what I need
I’ll give you all of me
Even though you don’t love me
His fingers ran along my skin as he played with my hair, like this was the first time. “Bra.Off.”I reached back with an ounce of hesitation, and turned my face away at the audible click of the hooks. It fell and he turned me to face him. “There’s no room for modesty here baby.” Thumbs brushed over my nipples and they hardened at his touch, they always did, and always will.Jackson’s tongue found them, circling them and shooting licks of fire down my spine. within seconds in was a moaning mess, greedy,I reached for him but he laced his fingers with mine, holding me down.
"But I-"
"Tonight is about you." He stood and removed his towel, throwing it aside and allowing me to take in everything.Every muscle that rippled as he grabbed his cell off the coffee table. "And we have all night.I’m canceling my spot at the fansign."
"Like I said.It’s about you." His phone was momentarily tossed alongside his towel as he stalked over and kneeled before me. Long fingers hooked into my underwear as he pulled down my panties and smirked like a predator."So wet already?" He was proud , proud to be able to do this to me in a matter of minutes. I gasped when his lips wrapped around my clit.A haze of pleasure ensnared my entire body; he was taking his time. Jackson’s large hands massaged my thighs and I tangled my fingers into his hair, moaning when his lips left, only to be replaced by a steadily rocking tongue.My head fell back against the couch as he delved deeper into my core, never allowing me a second to breathe. Muscles tensed as he sucked more hungrily and I saw spots of color vividly behind my closed eyes.Then.
He stopped.
"NO, DON’T-" Jackson stood, letting his erection bob up a foot away from my face.He tugged my hand softly and lead me back to his room.
"On the bed."
"What if I liked the couch?"
"We’ll have time to go back." He grinned childishly and I flushed.Gently, he scooped me up and placed me on my back. The firm hands that I had come to love spread my thighs apart. A sweet pattern of kisses were positioned over the marks he had left earlier. He pulled away, eyebrows raised in question.
"Yes." The thrust was slow, soft, and incredibly satisfying. My back arched off the bed and my hands flew to his back, nails skating across his skin. In the low lighting I could see his arms tense as he shut his eyes and exhaled.
"Shit._____….." He gasped and repeated , this time never stopping, battering our thoughts and rendering us both incoherent, moaning heaps of ecstasy.One of his hands left the headboard to grip me as my legs wrapped around his waist like a chokehold.The force of my thighs forced him deeper and it was like the moans were ripped from our bodies.It was only hours later, after round infinity, that he held me close under the cool sheets.
"I’m about to pass out." I giggled and placed my head across his broad chest. "Sleep. shower, food?"
"Sleep ,shower ,food.Definitely."

"And then maybe, a little more?"


I watched this movie tonight and astoundingly it’s like a cross between Salò and The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism

ppl who are good at math and science are smart. ppl who are good at the humanities are smart. ppl who aren’t good at anything in school are smart and innovative in other ways. the concept that being good at one thing in school makes you more intelligent is shit ‘intelligence’ is so hard to define and can mean so many things and trying to pin it down to certain subjects is an awful idea i propose we try to come up with better academic compliments than ‘smart’ how about ‘you excel at logical thinking’ or ‘you put your mind to creative things in a great way’ or ‘you apply abstract concepts astoundingly’ ‘intelligent’ is so vague and we need to re-define it to fit every kind of thinker at their best