You know that old adage doctors make the worst patients. 

Well medical students are worse. 

Essentially, I did everything except stop breathing today- but I came pretty damn near close. And I still didn’t want to go the doctor. (Said truth: I hate going to the doctor, like really HATE it). 

After about 2 hours of non stop coughing, gasping for breath, and hoping that the damn albuterol would kick in (it never did) I reserved myself to the inevitable. I was going to have to be a victim of the Polish healthcare system. 

Asthma + Infection: 1   Me: 0

When I did finally go they were way to nice too me. (I really could have probably used one of those cranquis comebacks- “stupid, stupid, stupid”)

To be fair, it has been way worse before and for months at a time. My mother doesn’t believe in going to the doctor. When I was 11 I spent half the summer concentrating on breathing because when I told her I couldn’t breathe she wouldn’t listen. I finally had to get a physical for school and I think the pediatrician jumped back 10 feet when she heard my lungs. It was a definite, “I told you so” moment. (Keep in mind I’ve had asthma since I was 7, my mother still thinks I’m faking it). 

Anyways, back to tonight. I like drugs, drugs are nice. Did they help 100% no, but I’ll tell you what it sure beats suffocating. 

Of course then I’d have an excuse not to take my final on Saturday, hm….that’s a hard one. 


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The biggest gang in NYC doing what they do best.

The New Jim Crow.

Don’t EVER tell me that I shouldn’t raise awareness for a disease because “It’s not that bad, there are worse diseases.” Don’t tell me “It’s just a stomach ache, it’s just joint pain.”

ALL diseases deserve awareness. They effect us all the same.

Whether it’s Cancer, asthma, IBD. Lupus, Ehlers danlos syndrome, CFS, diabetes, or Cystic Fibrosis, and the thousands of other diseases. They are all illnesses that affect our daily lives.

There will always be someone who has it worse. Always. But that doesn’t mean the pain we feel is not real, or less important. When you compare these illnesses, you minimize what someone goes through. Don’t minimize the pain of others, because unless you have gone through it you can’t judge it. You don’t know what it’s like.

Flavor of the Month: Cardamom

Cardamom is the third most expensive spice by weight, behind only saffron and vanilla.  But with a captivatingly complex flavor profile crammed into such a small package, there’s little mystery behind its steep price. While popular in foods and drinks, cardamom is equally admired in traditional medicine. Perhaps most interesting is its airway relaxant potential in the treatment of asthma. Read more…

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nishin0ya said:

i don't know if you're still accepting prompts but i just reblogged this picture and nitori has an inhaler in his desk drawer so i was thinking.. what if one day (maybe after not making it into pre lims) nitori goes back and pushes himself and practices so hard he has an asthma attack or something like that. and rin didn't know about nitori's asthma

just a warning: i know nothing about asthma other than the basics so if something is possibly offensive or incorrect, i’m sorry and i hope you enjoy it anyway!

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