Henricia sanguinolenta | ©Atli Arnarson

Blood star (Henricia sanguinolenta) on a sandy beach, Reykjavík, southwest Iceland. 

The blood star is a starfish found in the North Atlantic and the North Pacific. It is often found along the shore where it feeds on the bodies of sessile invertebrates such as sponges, or on suspended material using filter feeding. 

Animalia - Echinodermata - Asterozoa - Asteroidea - Spinulosida - Echinasteridae - Henricia - H. sanguinolenta

Serpent Star (Ophiura ophiura)

…a species of Ophiurid brittle star which occurs in the north east Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea from Norway and Sweden south to Madeira and the Mediterranean Sea. Where they will inhabit the neritic zone down to a depth of ~200 meters. Serpent stars can be fairly active as far as brittle stars go, moving around with jerky swimming actions of its legs, and even burrowing occasionally. They are both filter feeds and bottom-feeding carnivores/detritivores feeding on a very wide range of food. 


Animalia-Echinodermata-Asterozoa-Ophiuroidea-Ophiurida-Ophiuridae-Ophiura-O. ophiura

Image: Lamiot

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write more of this shit down! then go to publishers.

omg kat noooo clerkship is not always rainbows and ortho guys and landian

90% of the time it’s

  • yelling at patients’ bantays because why would you go to a hospital with no money at all??? how will you pay for xrays and lab exams and meds?? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO WITH YOU
  • 50% of all patients from PGH are from cavite, let it be known that there are no public hospitals in cavite
  • getting my grouch on when you get really snooty patients who call me NURSE excuse me i didn’t go through 4 years of premed and 4 years of medschool to be called a NURSE and don’t ssst-ssst me
  • running back and forth to the laboratories to get the stat labs
  • getting blood all over my white uniform pants and having to wait hours before changing
  • running on 2 hrs of sleep for a 36 hr duty
  • when a patient comes in with TB, we’re like “oh thank god it’s just TB”
  • "it’s just TB" yes i am at that point where I am thankful that a patient has JUST pulmonary TB
  • being ordered by residents to do the simplest things things that they could do themselves like wow
  • one time i already extracted and prepped the blood for a blood culture and i was just waiting on the blood cultures bottles to be bought down, the blood was already in the syringes
  • so while i was inserting the other IV line of ANOTHER patient the resident calls me “ssst ssst can you please put the blood sample into the culture bottles” and she points to the bottles AND the syringe right in FUCKING FRONT OF HER
  • like wow ma’am it must be some great effort for you to take the syringe and push the fucking plunger down it’s not like you had to prep and extract it in the first place
  • oh wait
  • the lowest point in my clerkship life: i had to do a seated foley catheter insertion on a female patient (seated meaning the patient was sitting on a wheelchair and i was on my knees trying to look for the urethra in the vagina) and as i was leaning closer to be able to aim the catheter, the patient farted in my face
  • yes
  • the glories of clerkship
  • being called in the wee hours to come up to the OR and assist in a surgery by being a human retractor and you have to hold the same position with the same amount of force for X number of hours and you can’t fall asleep because you will let go of the surgical site and fall flat on your face
  • when you ask a 80 yr old patient why she came to the very very crowded ER, she goes “I don’t know”
  • nanay
  • pls
  • work with me here
  • having to perform CPR/BLS (basic life support) on a patient who has had no pulse for the past 15 minutes and goddamn you can hear the ribs cracking when you do chest compressions and you feel it breaking and it is terrifying
  • but on the other hand
  • when patients hold your hand and say thank you, even if you spent most of the time snapping at them
  • patients who remember you and call you “doktora”
  • patients who give their food when they see you’re hungry
  • patients who name their newborn babies after you
  • patients or bantays who recognize you in the wards and update you on their current status
  • patients who tell you that they’re grateful for everything you’ve done even if you feel lost and faking it and every other day you ask yourself why you’re doing this why must you go through all this pain
  • and the day after that, your patient smiles and says “my surgery was successful! i’m going home for christmas!!”
  • yay clerkship is awesome

sorry this got long :”’>


Magnificent Seastar (Luidia magnifica)

Also known Luidia’s Magnificent Star, the magnificent seastar is a species of paxillosid sea star found throughout the Pacific. Like all members of the genus Luidia the magnificent star has unique tube feet that do not have suckers but instead have two swollen regions tipped with red. They are also covered with paxillae on their upper surface, paxillae are pillar-like spines which help in support and defense. Magnificent seastars are opportunists and possibly scavengers and will eat whatever they can catch and swallow.



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if there is no one papi-able for you, i will be disappointed.

i will be so so sooo disappointed in myself and in my alindog

i’m pretty tempted to facebook stalk our new blockmates actually to check if they pass the standards

or i can maintain the mystique and be surprised on orientation day


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:D :D :D :D :D :D


it’s so horrible ahahaha

during ~*ESTROGEN EXPLOSION*~ dr vin diesel grilled each one of us about our crushes in ortho, we didn’t even bother to DENY the fact we had crushes

and whenever one of us would admit to our crush

he would CALL THAT RESIDENT and demand them to come to the partY

can you imagine the screaming

so NATURALLY when this was going down, my sweet beloved forevermate decides to take my love life into his own hands and send it careening into the abyss

so when dr vin diesel goes, “who else? who else has an ortho crush?”

forever-mate goes, “sir sir!!! I know an ortho resident someone *winks at me* has a crush on”

at this point i chose to focus my attention on some margaritas that needed to be drunk stat

"oh really?? WHO? it’s Dr T isn’t it? or Dr D?"

"no sir, he’s tall"

"we’re all tall in ortho"

at this point, all my blockmates caught on and were yelling at dr vin diesel (I would like to mention that they were also well on the way to be stinking drunk)




(I may have crawled under the table at this point idk)

"okaaay but what else?"

"sir he has nice eyes, like SUPER"

"and he’s with Service A!!"

and then dr vin diesel’s eyes go really wide and his face lights up with sadistic glee - “IS THIS DR L????”

the ortho resident on the other end of the table, dr G suddenly develops super hearing and goes, “WHO? someone has a crush on L?? WHO??? I must know!!”

then my sweet forevermate, that paragon of loyalty and solidarity, points at ME, busy gulping down margaritas, “that one, sir”

never, in my life, have i been more grateful for alcohol


in that strange way life takes when it wants to go all romcom on you, I was able to gather all my dignity and fling it out the window and I asked dr vin diesel

"the more important question here, sir, is that - does dr L have a girlfriend??"

a resounding


the screams, my friend, the screams

and of course beloved dr vin diesel whips out his phone, calls dr L and yells “dude, you have to get here right now! it’s really important, emergency case, pare! you’re doing research? FUCK THAT this is more important than that, who cares if the deadline is tomorrow”

dr vin diesel is the best wingman ever


someone get him a tiara to wrap around those terrifying biceps

HOWEVER it just so happens that my resident HAD to be the studious one and the “good boy” who didn’t want to go drinking with super hot fabulous clerk babes on a thursday night

so he didn’t come :(((

but that’s okay, at least I can have a crushie crush on him without feeling guilty

(unlike my other groupmate, whose crush is apparently married with 2 children, she was moping for DAYS)

it was a wild night, kat, there was lot of flesh being flashed

I don’t think ortho has recovered, we haven’t seen a single ortho resident since ~*ESTROGEN EXPLOSION*~

never again, kat, NEVER AGAIN