Maybe you can recognize
the symptoms and the signs
a broken heart
is very well defined
from a dead look in the eyes
and chest pain lingering
to an inability
to take joy in anything

gives a name
but the prognosis
doesn’t change

you feel the same

whether or not
you’re positive of what you’ve got
when a cure isn’t sure
it still hurts alot
(living to lie, we’re holding out hope though you feel like you might die.. you’ll survive)

Now you have to sort through all the options they have given you
relying on suggestions that don’t guarantee remission
like a pin cushion you’ve been stuck in many places
I know that it feels like an oasis compared to the crisis you’ve been faced with

I never thought it would take this long
to get over you
now you’re gone…

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"Anchors" - Asterionella

Live from the Lemuria Show Last Night, fucking badass

I cannot stress enough how much this band kicked ass, this bootleg doesn’t do em justice but I talked to them after the show and they were promising some recording by the next year. I was blown away by the raw intensity, solid fucking drumming, outstanding bass work and THAT FUCKING TAPPING. So Awesome. If you like Silversun Pickups (they did “Panic Switch” as a fucking soundcheck) or My Bloody Valentine or anything soaked in reverb and delay you’ll fucking love this band.