Please fire me. I just had to literally move my desk as far away from my boss’s office as possible because virtually all visitors automatically assumed that the only young woman in an open space office full of guys naturally has to be the boss’s secretary. I’m one the lawyers.

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The next morning, Winnifred found herself at the door of 221B once more, this time holding a large carpet bag full of carefully wrapped scientific equipment. In her other arm balanced a brass scale. "Mr. Basil," she called to the window. "Doctor?" Rather exhausted from the walk, she put her bag down and reached for the door handle. It was indeed open. She leaned in cautiously, calling the detective's name once more. She gasped as she felt the brass scale lose balance and slip from her arm.


-catches scale- Goodness Miss Winnifred that was rather close! It will do no good to measure the weight of gravity upon a scale! I am jesting, of course.

Please, do come in.


Dream of one day working at Teen Vogue?

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Please fire me. I’ve worked as a switchboard operator at a luxury car dealership for almost 8 years. Dealing with the 95% self-righteous egomaniacs has made it so I can’t even be pleasant to the 5% nice people because I’m too tired to care anymore.

Satisfaction (Part 3 of The Getaway)

TITLE: Satisfaction (Part 3 of The Getaway)
AUTHOR: marsbert
GENRE: fluff/sexy
FIC SUMMARY: You’re Tom’s assistant and the two of you are in holiday in Spain, and you accidentally stumble upon something you probably shouldn’t have seen….
RATING: M - this one is very explicit, otherwise known as smut ;)
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: just a smutty, fun-filled ending to the short trilogy ;)

Part 1 - Interrupted
Part 2 - Mischievous

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