584. Seventh years regulate a school-wide game of Assassin among the muggleborns. Every muggleborn receives name of a person whom they are to tag (through muggle means). With every successful tag, they assume the target of their victim but have to avoid being tagged by someone else. As the game requires the use muggle means, some have used nerf guns and enlisted pureblood and half-blood peers, creating mass mayhem between passing periods. The house of the winners enjoy year-long glory.

I can handle people saying that AC3 was their least favorite in the franchise.

I can handle people saying that Connor is their least favorite Assassin in the franchise.

I can handle people saying they’d much rather play as Haytham than Connor.

But if you say to me that Connor is devoid of personality or is a stone-faced bore, I will most likely never talk to you again.

image from madeinmasyaf