Email services close and destroy data rather than reveal information
August 12, 2013

Lavabit, a Texas-based service that was reportedly used by Edward J. Snowden, announced the suspension of its service Thursday afternoon to avoid being “complicit in crimes against the American people,” The New York Times reports.

Within hours, a fast-growing Maryland-based start-up called Silent Circle also closed its e-mail service and destroyed its e-mail servers.

In effect, both businesses destroyed their assets — in part or in full — to avoid turning over  data of powerful clients.

In an effort to address public concern about the government’s surveillance programs, President Obama on Friday announced the creation of a task force to advise the government about how to ‘balance security and privacy’. Many understand this to mean that they plan to reboot the programs under different names and maintain a climate of secrecy and lies while continuing to pursue whistle-blowers relentlessly. Obama also claimed he supported a proposal to change the procedures of the secret court that approves electronic spying under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.


As Assange has been saying, any changes made as a direct result of Snowden’s leaks PROVE that Snowden is in fact a whistle-blower (perhaps the most influential in American history) and not an enemy of the United States or whatever the hell they’re calling him now. 

My mother. Benedict Cumberbatch. And a lot of photographs

(My mother went to see August: Osage County…)

Me: “[…] And what did you think about Benedict Cumberbatch?”

M: “Oh, such a great actor! A bit ugly, but a great actor!”

Me: “… I’m sorry, what?”

M: “Well yeah, he was very good, but he’s not good looking at all.”

Me: “… now let me show you something.”

*pics from Hawking*
*pics from Parade’s End*
*pics from The fifth estate*
*pics from Star Trek*

Me: “You were saying?”

M: “Oh. Well, maybe I was wrong, he’s not that- ..oh my God, is he naked ?”

Me: “Not exactly, he was having a shower in a cut scene in Star Trek and-“

M: “ Cut scene? You mean we can’t SEE it?”

Me: “Well, actually we can, it’s on youtube and-“

M: “Hurry up then!”

Me: “…ooookay, but-“

M: *sees some pics from Sherlock* “Oh god, is he wearing nothing but a SHEET?”

Me: “Mum…”

M: “Those cheekbones are not human. They’re not, they can’t possibly- A purple shirt? Why isn’t he always wearing a purple shirt?!”


M: “He’s not married, is he?”

Oh God, what have I done