I hope this is increasingly apparent now after Snowden’s revelations, that we are facing a new Western religion. And that new Western religion is the national security state. It’s hurtling towards a dystopia. It is dragging many of us along with it - not combatants but all of those who use the internet are sucked up into this system.
—  Julian Assange
My mother. Benedict Cumberbatch. And a lot of photographs

(My mother went to see August: Osage County…)

Me: “[…] And what did you think about Benedict Cumberbatch?”

M: “Oh, such a great actor! A bit ugly, but a great actor!”

Me: “… I’m sorry, what?”

M: “Well yeah, he was very good, but he’s not good looking at all.”

Me: “… now let me show you something.”

*pics from Hawking*
*pics from Parade’s End*
*pics from The fifth estate*
*pics from Star Trek*

Me: “You were saying?”

M: “Oh. Well, maybe I was wrong, he’s not that- ..oh my God, is he naked ?”

Me: “Not exactly, he was having a shower in a cut scene in Star Trek and-“

M: “ Cut scene? You mean we can’t SEE it?”

Me: “Well, actually we can, it’s on youtube and-“

M: “Hurry up then!”

Me: “…ooookay, but-“

M: *sees some pics from Sherlock* “Oh god, is he wearing nothing but a SHEET?”

Me: “Mum…”

M: “Those cheekbones are not human. They’re not, they can’t possibly- A purple shirt? Why isn’t he always wearing a purple shirt?!”


M: “He’s not married, is he?”

Oh God, what have I done