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1.Favorite TV series and character?

Um… GRIMM and my favorite character is probably Monroe, sorry Nick.

2.If you could be a bender, which element would you bend? (earth, water, fire air)

Since 2 years ago, I would have said water, But I think i’m more of an Earth girl myself.

3. Which movie are you most looking forward to?

Rise of the Guardians, and Thor 2

4. Who is your favorite fictional character

Loki… yep, Loki.

5. What are you good at?

Singing, Acting, Art, Math, being the most cynical dreamer you’ll meet, and also beating my self up for not being humble enough.

6. What is your zodiac sign, and do you think it describes you well?

Aquarius all the way! *I request a high five*

7. Weird obsessions?

Tumblr. I’ve only been on it since this summer, and I’m self conscious as hell when people I know see it. That and Tom Hiddleston, But I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed…

8. Winter or summer?


9. Rain or sun?

Rain. (x)

10. What are your favourite blog(s) on tumblr, and why?

um… I can’t pick. I like blogs that post pictures of cosplay, or are funny, or are for fandoms/celebrities… STOP LOOKING AT ME!

11.What was your very first fandom? (If it’s your current one just put that)

hmm. My first Fandom was when I was younger and didn’t have a computer: H2o: Just Add Water. yup, I totally wanted to be a mermaid. I watched it EVER DAY.

my questions:

1. Do you/did you have any pets

2. How late do you normally sleep into on the weekends

3. Do you run/bike/swim/etc.

4. Do you already have baby names picked out for a future just for fun, if so, do tell.

5. What would your dream cosplay character be?

6. Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring

7. Favorite school subject

8. What brought you to tumblr

9. How often do you go on Facebook before and after you joined tumblr.

10. What movie did you last see

11. Favorite Studio Ghibli film

anunstablefangirl asked:

thank you SO much for the rec and links and also i started reading yours (well i just sorta picked on lol and started reading it) but i LOVED Fair it was amazing so thank you again

You’re welcome and thanks! It’s always nice to introduce a newbie to the best rumbelle porn stories out there.

I tend to get extremely restless when my stories become really long.

Like, I just want it to be finished and I want to get the message out there, but I also want it to be quality work. It annoys me when I can’t make things as concise as I would like.

Which is why it’s taking me so long to make another installment of Fate, why I’m nowhere near finished with another Married with Children, and why aspyandherfsbspy's prompt has been sitting in my inbox and why the response is still sitting in my drafts.