Sometimes I think I’m better off alone.

     Then I think of all the nights I crave someone to hold.

—  Savannah Black
My tongue has been spewing lies like gasoline to a fire thats been burning since before I was born.
—  Savannah Black

Things do change.

For example,

my first “I love you” I said to you tasted like the million smiles you gave me compressed into a sentence. The last “I love you” was like the million ghostly kisses I still can feel on my face, even months after you left them.

Things do change.

I feel oceans apart,
raging seas separating 
you and me. 
Swallowed in darkness,
I’m drowning with out you.
My soul is restless,
while my body is reckless.
I see your light,
glimmering through the surface
as I float beneath the waves
of my own destructive ways.
These lungs are desperate for you.
Hold me, revive me, give me life again,
fill me with your breath to praise you with.
Save me from myself, I’m gasping for you.
Don’t relent, I’m holding on to you
and your promise to make me new.
Save me from these waters,
let me walk again.
This sin has made me weak.
I want to live with in,
the confines of your merciful love.
—  Savannah Black