Advice for Aspiring Writers:
  1. Claim your name. If you write, you are a writer. The longer you call yourself an “aspiring writer” instead of a writer, the longer you keep yourself from the pride and inclusion and that knowledge that you are, indeed, a writer.
  2. Get serious about your craft. This means making time to write every day or almost every day. Writing out of habit and commitment will get you closer to finishing your first book than waiting for inspiration.
  3. Start even if you don’t feel ready. Because I’ll give you a hint: no one ever actually feels ready. The longer you put it off, the longer it will be until you feel like a writer.
  4. Make some writer friends. Talk to writers on tumblr. Talk to writery friends in real life. Just connect with someone who will be able to discuss the finer points of writing with you and inspire you to keep working for your dream.
  5. Read up on your craft. This includes blog posts from other writers either on tumblr, online blogs, or, where I found most of my beginning knowledge, Pinterest. Read some classic books on writing like On Writing by Stephen King or Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott.
  6. Learn how to write. Commit yourself to learning the rules so you know how you can break them in ways that make your writing stronger. Might I suggest Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style?
  7. Just Write. This is the key to being a writer. Write when you don’t feel ready. Write when you’re not sure. Write even when you don’t feel like writing. Write because you’re a writer and you must. Just write. For this is literally the only way you can actually improve your writing.

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I SPIT MY COFFEE. does it play the song too?! THATD BE AMAZING

But of course :D If you want to give it a go, you can download it here. Just move the file to My Documents > EA games > The Sims 2 > Movies > Broadcast > (whichever channel you would like, I personally have it in TvChildren) 

Have a sim watch that channel and it should pop up, might take some channel surfing :p

Luis is super defensive when it comes to Anne Boleyn. Nobody really knows why, but it provides endless hours of entertainment… not to mention nothing makes him forget about John Mole quicker than Natasha bringing up the doomed queen.

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dennis and bridget literally still call you rachel maddow to distinguish you from this other kelsey in a2. “wait do you mean rachel maddow or kelsey w”

my favorite was when bridget accidentally said “bye, rachel!” to me omg i still laugh

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just little nerdsbian things


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Fave people: Maddow and you

this is 2much


Now that our Top 10 fandoms list is up, some insight from the Daily Dot newsroom
  • Rae:new Daily Dot rule, Feminism is now #1 on every list
  • Aja:Best cats of 2014: 1. Feminism
  • Taylor:Best smartphones of 2014: 1. Feminism
  • Rae:I could probably work it in to a gift guide too.
  • Rae:Things to buy an aspiring YouTuber: 1. Feminism
  • Taylor:Best YouTubers of 2014 1. Feminism
  • Aja:Best E-sport tournaments of 2014: 1. Feminism
  • Selena:Best tweets of 2014: 1. Feminism
  • Aja:Best feminists of 2014: 1. Feminism
  • Rae:Best sex toy of 2014: 1. Feminism
  • Selena:Best iOS app of 2014: 1. Feminism
  • Selena:i like this plan
  • Gavia:let's do this, and then a list of lists: top ten feminisms of 2014.
  • Ramon:If anyone has BBQ in Austin over the next 6-8 months I can tell you that Central Texas has a new no. 1 overall after two trips and it's La Barbecue and it exists in this beautiful moment where lines are manageable on weekdays. It's better than Franklin, anything in Lockhart, anything in Taylor, and Snow's in Lexington.
  • Aja:i think you mean the #1 barbecue in Austin is Feminism
  • Ramon:oh you're right sorry for the oversight
  • Aja:very good