Many people with Asperger’s startle easily. An unexpected stimulus, such as someone casually calling out their name, can create that discomfort. The fight-or-flight response then begins pumping all kinds of chemicals, such as cortisol, into our nervous systems to get us ready for battle. But sometimes there is no battle.

Asperger’s Syndrome and Anxiety – A Guide to Successful Stress Management; by Nick Dubin 2009 – Page 29.

I recently came across this book. 
It is a book about the struggles of a family, a dad, with two children who have autism.

I am absolutely disgusted by it. By the title, the content and by the summary given. 

I’m autistic myself, aspergers, and yes, there are struggles and yes, it’s really hard sometimes. But for a person, a dad, to make this book with a title like that? It’s just disgusting. 
And I think (hope) that everyone, not even just the autism community, would gladly see this book off the racks.

It now has a 2.5 star rating. Which means, that if you search on average costumer review, in the catogory autism & aspergers, this book will pop up pretty fast.
I myself (and hopefully lots of other people who come across this book) am fortunately good in handling bad talking about autism, but I’d hate for an insecure 11 year old who happens to have asperger or some form of autism, try and find a book on amazon about it and stumble across this. It is pretty triggering. Not only for people with autism or people who know and love people who have autism, but I think also for people who have lost loved ones from a form of cancer, or currently are struggling with cancer in their family and/or friend group.

So please, everyone with a amazon account, try and rate this down. 
I’d love for this book to just disappear, but since that’s not really an option, try and help do the second best thing, which is trying to make it disappear from the shelves.


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Reasons Why Santa Has Autism:

  1. He lines up & names his reindeer over and over again
  2. He wears the same clothes every day
  3. He has an extremely limited diet of only milk and cookies
  4. He gets stuck in the same routine year after year
  5. He avoids social interaction & does all of his work at night when everyone else is sleeping
  6. He checks his list over and over and over…
  7. He likes hanging out with people smaller than he is
  8. Everything is black and white (naughty or nice) no in-between!
  9. He loves squeezing into teeny spaces (chimneys!)
  10. He is clueless about the social stigma of creeping into other people’s houses
  11. He spends an entire year preparing for one night
  12. He does things that amaze people & has them wondering how in the heck he did it!

Merry xmas to my fellow tumblr spectrumites ♥

Yesterday our language teacher asked us to write a text about our “new beginning” and I chose the day my psychologist diagnosed me with aspergers syndrome.

 I feel like I learned to love myself from that day, I feel like I’m growing up everyday, I feel alive and I understand myself better.

Some people say aspergers is a disability, I think being an aspie is just another way of thinking, we can do this.