10 Worst Sources of Aspartame

Aspartate and glutamate act as neurotransmitters in the brain by facilitating the transmission of information from neuron to neuron. Too much aspartate or glutamate in the brain kills certain neurons by allowing the influx of too much calcium into the cells. This influx triggers excessive amounts of free radicals, which kill the cells. The neural cell damage that can be caused by excessive aspartate and glutamate is why they are referred to as “excitotoxins.” They “excite” or stimulate the neural cells to death. Read More.

Insulin Review:

Aspart: Acts fast! Onset 5-15mins, Peak 45min, Duration 3-5hrs
REMEMBER- To administer this insulin you must “see food!”

Regular: Short Acting. Onset 15-30mins, Peak 1-3hrs, Duration 5-7hrs

NPH: Intermediate-acting. Onset 2-4hrs, Peak 8-12hrs, Duration 18-24hrs

Lantus: L for LONG LASTING. Onset 1.5hrs, Peakless, Duration 24hrs.

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Best Lithium Aspartate, 120 Vcaps (Pack of 4)

Best Lithium Aspartate, 120 Vcaps (Pack of 4)

  • Best Lithium Aspartate contains the trace mineral lithium in the supplemental aspartate form
  • Lithium is a naturally occurring trace mineral found in several foods, with the primary sources including certain whole grains and vegetables

Best Lithium Aspartate contains the trace mineral lithium in the supplemental aspartate form. Lithium is a naturally occurring trace mineral found in several foods, with the primary sources including certain whole grains and vegetables. Lithium is present in organs and systems throughout the body and may play an important biological role in humans and other animals.

List Price: $ 26.96

Price: $ 26.96

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Just Say No to Aspartame

Anything positive you’ve heard about aspartame is a like. please, I urge you to stop consuming it, and to stop your loved ones from consuming it. I’ve convinced my parents (with science!) to stop their intake of it. My mom actually found out in time that she was allergic to it. My dad stopped use after his brain tumor. Please, if this doesn’t stop you, maybe these facts will. These quotes are taken from “The Hundred-Year Lie”, which has over thirty pages of references and cited works in the back of the book. Randall Fitzgerald, the author, is an investigative journalist from the United States, and has gathered extensive research on synthetic chemical toxicology, which is what his book is all about.

■ Aspartame contains three major components — methanol, phenylalanine, and aspartic acid. All three chemicals individually have been shown to either stimulate brain cells to death, upset hormone balances in the brain, or act as a nerve poison.

■ The United States Department of Health and Human Services detailed 88 documented symptoms of aspartame toxicity. Here is a partial list of diseases thought to be exacerbated or triggered by [aspartame]: birth defects, depression, mental retardation, chronic fatigue syndrome, brain tumors, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s.

■ Aspartame is banned in Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Africa because of its ‘controversial’ effects on the nervous system and brain. However, it still “remains widespread as an additive throughout the U.S. food supply and that of seventy other nations.”

■ Why is it still legal? Simply put by British toxins expert Paula Baillie-Hamilton, “Few incentives are as powerful as cold, hard cash.” The Manufacturers make so much money and exercise so much political influence, in her view, the regulatory system has been manipulated and compromised.

■ Another reason aspartame survives is the fog of confusion caused by conflicting results from scientific studies of aspartame’s health risks. Studies conducted by G.D. Searle, Monsanto, and other industry labs tend to declare aspartame safe, while studies conducted by independent scientists usually find it a danger to health.

■ Canadian authors of “Hard to Swallow: The Truth About Food Additives” describe what happens when a diet drink containing aspartame is stored at a temperature of 85 degrees for a week or more: “There is no aspartame left in the soft drinks, just the components it breaks down into, like formaldehyde, formic acid, and diketopiperazine, a chemical which can cause brain tumours. All of these substances are known to be toxic to humans.”

■ In 1980 an FDA Board of Inquiry voted unanimously against approving aspartame for human consumption. A year later, the commissioner of the FDA, Arthur Hull Hayes Jr., overruled his agency’s own scientists and approved aspartame for use in dry food products. He approved its use in carbonated beverages in 1983. Soon thereafter Hayes left the FDA and went to work for G.D> Searle & Company, the pharmaceutical company that manufactures aspartame. (Searle subsequently was bought by Monsanto, which was later sold to Pfizer.)

■ Over the next two years, after aspartame was added to soft drinks, Professor J.W. Olney of the Washington University in Saint Louis School of Medicine found that the incidence of brain cancer among U.S. citizens increased by 10% on average, representing about 1,500 new cases a year. For persons over age sixty-five, the increases in brain cancer rates were an astounding 60% or more.

Please, I care about each and every one of you. Please, please, please do not consume this toxin. There is nothing good about aspartame, and as it looks, any synthetic mockery of a real thing almost always leads to health problems that far exceed those of the real thing. In this case, if you’re going to have something sweet, please opt for the real deal Not high fructose corn syrup either. Real sugar. That bit of sugar isn’t going to kill you, the fake stuff will.

New Tresemme’ vs. Old Tresemme’…

New formula ingredients: Water (Aqua) , Stearyl Alcohol , Cetyl Alcohol , Caprylic , Capric Triglyceride , Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine , Fragrance (Parfum) , Lauroyl Lysine , Caprylyl Glycol , Brassica Campestris , Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer , Aspartic Acid , Distearyldimonium Chloride , Persea Gratissima Oil (Avocado) , Citric Acid , Alcohol , Isopropyl Alcohol , Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Old formula ingredients: Water (Aqua), Cetearyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Behentrimonium Chloride, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Brassica Campestris/Aleurites Fordi Oil Copolymer, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Fragrance (Parfum), Dipropylene Glycol, Potassium Chloride, Lactic Acid, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin, PEG-150 Distearate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Lauroyl Lysine, Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone

 Notice how the new formula has alcohol and isopropyl alcohol which is very drying to the hair. The old formula has cetearyl alcohol which is a natural alcohol derived by a plant. This makes a world difference.  I love Tresemme naturals so when I saw it at a discount for 2.99 somewhere, I immediately picked up a bottle. I used it on wash day and while applying it,  it felt the same. After rinsing it out, my hair felt like it was lightly cleansed and I was wondering why it didn’t feel like it’s normal softness after using it. That’s when I noticed it said NEW!  I picked up the old formula 2 weeks ago and deep conditioned and my hair was again soft! So as drake says “no NEW friends,  I stay down with my day 1”.

Note: Where I’m at, the new formula has a white top and the old formula has a black top. I have heard another lady say it’s the opposite where she lives. So make sure it doesn’t say NEW or to be even more thorough,  read the ingredients.

Aspartame: Artificial sweetener. Made from aspartic acid and phenylalanine.

Health effects: Studies link it to cancer in rats. May cause neurological and behavioral issues. Reported symptoms include irritability, headaches, insomnia, hyperactivity, seizures, memory loss, migraines, depression, vision problems, memory loss. Should be avoided by those with the genetic disorder phenylketonuria.

This is what is in your diet soda and it is terrible for you, not to mention it tastes terrible as well.

Chemically and Treated Hair.

Coloring, Perms, and Relaxers are great for enhancing the Look and Feel of Hair. It is important to remember that chemicals can cause breakage. There’s a lot you can do to prevent this from happening with a few simple rules.
Linange Italy Ginger contains essential oils “as limonene, citronella, camphene” Vitamins B and C, is rich in minerals “such as calcium, phosphorus, aluminum, chromium and amino” acids “such as aspartic acid, linoleic, oleic ascorbic “Anti-Oxidants to fight aging and free radicals.
The Garlic contain high content of phosphorus, sulfur, has antiseptic, fungicidal, bactericidal and cleansing, because it contains a volatile essential oil called alliin, amino acids, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin C, zinc, copper, iron , magnesium.

GINGER & GARLIC SHAMPOO: Revitalizing shampoo enriched with extracts of Ginger & Garlic, especially suitable for hair that has been chemically colored, bleached, straightened and permed, it gently cleanses and nourishes the hair structure, hydrating it deeply.

GINGER & GARLIC MASK: Rich in peptides (proteins & amino acids). Vitamins and mineral salts found naturally in ginger and garlic. It’s an excellent revitalizing treatment for dry and damaged hair; it leaves hair soft and strong.

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Structural and functional characterization of cargo-binding sites on the μ4-subunit of adaptor protein complex 4.


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Structural and functional characterization of cargo-binding sites on the μ4-subunit of adaptor protein complex 4.

PLoS One. 2014;9(2):e88147 

Authors: Ross BH, Lin Y, Corales EA, Burgos PV, Mardones GA

Adaptor protein (AP) complexes facilitate protein trafficking by playing key roles in the selection of cargo molecules to be sorted in post-Golgi compartments. Four AP complexes (AP-1 to AP-4) contain a medium-sized subunit (μ1-μ4) that recognizes YXXØ-sequences (Ø is a bulky hydrophobic residue), which are sorting signals in transmembrane proteins. A conserved, canonical region in μ subunits mediates recognition of YXXØ-signals by means of a critical aspartic acid. Recently we found that a non-canonical YXXØ-signal on the cytosolic tail of the Alzheimer’s disease amyloid precursor protein (APP) binds to a distinct region of the μ4 subunit of the AP-4 complex. In this study we aimed to determine the functionality of both binding sites of μ4 on the recognition of the non-canonical YXXØ-signal of APP. We found that substitutions in either binding site abrogated the interaction with the APP-tail in yeast-two hybrid experiments. Further characterization by isothermal titration calorimetry showed instead loss of binding to the APP signal with only the substitution R283D at the non-canonical site, in contrast to a decrease in binding affinity with the substitution D190A at the canonical site. We solved the crystal structure of the C-terminal domain of the D190A mutant bound to this non-canonical YXXØ-signal. This structure showed no significant difference compared to that of wild-type μ4. Both differential scanning fluorimetry and limited proteolysis analyses demonstrated that the D190A substitution rendered μ4 less stable, suggesting an explanation for its lower binding affinity to the APP signal. Finally, in contrast to overexpression of the D190A mutant, and acting in a dominant-negative manner, overexpression of μ4 with either a F255A or a R283D substitution at the non-canonical site halted APP transport at the Golgi apparatus. Together, our analyses support that the functional recognition of the non-canonical YXXØ-signal of APP is limited to the non-canonical site of μ4.

PMID: 24498434 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] http://dlvr.it/7GzdDL

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Doctor’s Best Lithium Aspartate 120 Vcaps

Doctor’s Best Lithium Aspartate 120 Vcaps

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* Science-Based Nutrition™ | | Best Lithium Aspartate contains the trace mineral lithium in the supplement aspartate form. Lithium is a nat …

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Doctor’s Best Best Lithium Aspartate, Veggie Caps 120 ea

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Lithium Aspartate 5mg by Doctor’s Best - 120 Vegetarian Capsules

Lithium Aspartate 5mg by Doctor’s Best – 120 Vegetarian Capsules

  • Doctor’s Best – Best Lithium Aspartate (5mg) 120 Vcap

Doctor’s Best – Best Lithium Aspartate (5mg) 120 Vcap

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Lithium Arginate with Aspartate 100 Tabs

  • Lithium Arginate with Aspartate from Advanced Research
  • Formulated by Hans Nieper, M.D.
  • Made in the USA

Formulated by Hans Nieper, M.D. for Advanced Research, Lithium Arginate with Aspartate offers you another form of supplemental lithium to choose from to fit your specific needs. Lithium has been used for a variety of health applications for over a century. This 4.3 mg elemental lithium per serving supplement is made in the USA.

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Price: $ 5.22

LITHIUM ASPARTATE 300 capsules 5mg Cluster Headaches Hangover TBI Parkinson Aid

Lithium Aspartate 5 mg | 100 Capsules

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Aspartame as the new age poison


“Once upon a time, aspartame was listed by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent. Today it’s an integral part of the modern diet. “(Thomas, Pat)

Better known under the names of NutraSweet, Equal, Sweet One or Spoonful in America, and E951 in Europe, Aspartame is all around us. (Lovett, Robert) It is comprised of 50 % of phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid, and 10% methanol. All these ingredients represent dangers of their own. (Wells, S.D)

Phenylalanine is an amino acid which when digested, causes damage to developing brain. Women, who excessively digest phenylalanine during pregnancy, experience it quadrupling in measures on the side of the placenta causing a 10 % drop in I.Q. scores of children born under the condition. Aspartic acid is a neuroexcitatory amino acid which causes brain holes and changes DNA in lab animals. Methanol is a toxic wood alcohol. When digested, it breaks down into embalming fluid, ant sting venom and DKP. Embalming fluid is a carcinogen which causes birth defects by interfering with DNA; and DKP caused brain tumors in lab tests. (Nash Stoddard, Mary)

Due to all of the above mentioned dangers, Aspartame has not had it easy with the FDA regarding approval. Donald Rumsfeld who is now the United Stated Secretary of Defense, in 1980’s was the chairman of G.D. Searle, a company which held the patent to Aspartame. “On January 21, 1981, the day after Ronald Reagan’s inauguration, Searle re-applied to the FDA for approval to use aspartame in food sweetener, and Reagan’s new FDA commissioner, Arthur Hayes Hull, Jr., appointed a 5-person Scientific Commission to review the board of inquiry’s decision. It soon became clear that the panel would uphold the ban by a 3-2 decision, but Hull then installed a sixth member on the commission, and the vote became deadlocked. He then personally broke the tie in aspartame’s favor. Hull later left the FDA under allegations of impropriety.” Hull has not spoken about aspartame ever since. (Murray, Rich)

The study showing how monkeys who were fed aspartame died or had seizures was not submitted to the FDA when granting approval. (Colbin, Annemarie)

Some of the conditions linked to aspartame toxicity include: multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, panic disorder, lupus, Parkinson’s disease, fibromyalgia, multiple chemical sensitivity, attention deficit disorder, depression and other psychological disorders, diabetes and diabetic complications, lymphoma and hypothyroidism as well as brain cancer. (Thomas, Pat)

Most of the people connected to aspartame toxicity experienced all of their symptoms disappear once aspartame was discontinued.  However, artificial sweeteners such as aspartame contribute to diseases such as hypoglycemia. When their sweet taste hits the mouth, the brain gets a message of how carbohydrates are coming in the body, and pancreas sends insulin into the bloodstream, and as there are no actual carbohydrates, the insulin lowers the blood sugar and increases appetite. (Roberts, H.J)

Another example of reversible symptoms happened in Atlanta when people who had been going to their doctors for years because of unexplained symptoms quit taking aspartame and in a matter of 60 days those with seizures and diabetes were magically cured and the ones with multiple sclerosis got out of their wheelchairs and started walking. (Goldstein, Hesh)

The fact is that aspartame is everywhere. It is even in children vitamins. Flintstones Vitamins are loaded with GMOs and aspartame. (Huff, Ethan)

As if this was not enough, the dairy industry might soon start adding aspartame to milk. One may wonder why people still use aspartame, but the calorie intake serves as a good enough of an answer. “Save a few calories, fry your brain.”(Wright, Carolanne)

It is by all means evident how dangerous this artificial sweetener is and there are numerous alternatives which are healthy if one wants to avoid sugar. Some of these include honey, maple syrup, succanat, turbinado sugar, fruit juice concentrates, fructose, rice and barley syrups, and stevia. (Nash Stoddard, Mary)

It is unimaginable what will people do for the sake of profit. Aspartame is only one of the pawns corporations use to get what they want. “We are living in a world where money is God and people are not only the means to the end, but expendable.” (Goldstein, Hash)

“Who are the real villains in today’s society? I believe they are the chemical and pharmaceutical companies who knowingly pollute our children’s food supply for profit and those in government who aid and abet them.” (Nash Stoddard, Mary)

What You Need to Know About L-Carnitine

What You Need to Know About L-Carnitine

L-carnitine is a supplement that is good for weight loss and for helping those suffering from depression. It also has other beneficial effects on the body, as will be discussed later in the article.

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