The expression “quiet as mice” is a puzzling one, because mice can often be very noisy, so people who are being quiet as mice may in fact be squeaking and scrambling around. The expression “quiet as mimes” is more appropriate, because mimes are people who perform theatrical routines without making a sound. Mimes are annoying and embarrassing, but they are much quieter than mice, so “quieter than mimes” is a more proper way to describe how Violet and Sunny got up from their bunk, tiptoed across the dormitory, and walked out into the night.
—  Page 81, Chapter 6, 'The Miserable Mill', A Series of Unfortunate Events, Lemony Snicket

There’s pretty frequent cross-dressing in ASOUE and literally no one gives a shit about it. It’s usually the villains and instead of using Olaf in a dress as an opportunity for an extra laugh Mr. Snicket makes it clear that he’s still threatening and very frightening and I just love that he does that. Sometimes I really like that universe better than our own.


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