ASOS GHOST PRINT SKATER DRESS

Channeling Stina from 1992, I loved fishnets, Björk buns and baby doll dresses. Twenty-two years later and not much has changed. I may be forty years old, but there is no reason I need to look like I am. #effyouragestandards Dress: ASOS (Size 22) This dress sold out in like a millisecond!!Sorry about it, but ya got to be super quick to get the über cute ASOS Halloween stuff. They only come out with a few Curve items every year and from my experience they are pretty freaking fierce and fun! I’m so glad I snatched this up before it was gone. It will share a home in my closet with my skeleton baby doll dress from last year. No need to review… LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! ASOS still has a couple Halloweenie pieces in stock, here is a link for this years ghost sweater. Fishnets: Donatellas (Size 4X-5X Long)  Donatella’s premium fishnets in black are available in two lengths, short and long. I got the long length because I’m almost 5'6". I can’t say enough about these fishnets. They fit me like a dream with room to spare and these fishnets were the first pair I have ever owned that didn’t rip the first time I wore them. Fishnets normally are a one-time deal for me, my thighs like to chew them up and spit them out. I will be able to get many uses out of these ones from Donatella’s.  Well worth the money and free shipping… bonus! Shoes: ASOS (Size 10) I fell for these shoes as soon as I creeped them. I thought they were so unique and awesomely modern 90’s. I didn’t consider the fit much when I ordered because I’m typically a size 10 with a slightly wide foot, but I get away with most normal width shoes. These shoes seemed pretty generous and wide from the photos. That is not so much the case, I just barely fit into these shoes. They are actually kind of tight across the top of my foot but I’m hoping with some wear they will stretch out a bit. I would not recommend these ones to someone with a wide foot, as cute as they are. If anyone has tips for stretching leather-look shoes I would love to hear them. I hope they are not a write-off.  Glasses: Forever 21 This style is currently sold out. I would keep an eye out though because I find Forever 21 brings sunglasses styles back often. Forever 21 is my go-to place for cheap shades, I quite often get them when they are 50% off clearance and they end up being only a couple of bucks.   Stina xx

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ModCloth What’ll It Beetle Dress

Dress: ModCloth   Size 4X I recently snagged the “What’ll It Beetle?” Dress at ModCloth. It was listed in the 50% off items and sold out pretty fast. I’m generally pleased with this dress. I found the fit of it a little off on me though the hips. It is fully lined in 100% cotton that doesn’t stretch. I had to get a little creative and found a way it flattered my shape a little more. I added a belt and brought the bottom of the dress up an inch or two blousing it though the top.  This is a Bea and Dot piece. I’m not sure if you would be able to find it on another site. Considering it was on sale and sold out fast I’m willing to bet some will surface on FatToo or Plus Size ModCloth/Retro Buyers and Sellers.   Boots: ASOS Size UK7 These are like my favorite boots ever!! They are a tiny bit tight and I need to get them stretched, but I love the way they look with and without tights. They make such a statement and are perfect for all my dark spooky looks. Currently, only available in a size UK2. I hope ASOS comes out with new similar styles for the fall/winter. Keep an eye out.

I have the massive mammary dress in red ladies. I want to own all the Bardot items. So good for extra extra large chests. I was going to tag my huge chested friends but I will spare you the creepers. #asoscurve #bardot