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Video Producer: Olga Asadchaya Mounting: klazki



The band formed in the autumn of 2010, consists of four musicians with a textbook set of tools “vocals-guitar-keys” and is rare in the local scene product.

Typical tags to determine the music can be divided into the following series: house / electro / rock / trip-hop / funk.

How did you become a group? The composition remains as was originally?

Nick Black, the keys: I started this project several times, played one, played with a DJ, and other musicians. I met the guys when they came to the rock project. This is perceived as a child, some outlet. But he grew into the primary. Composition did not change. As he was at the first rehearsal of the fall of 2010 and the first concert in the newly opened “Loft”, and remains so to this day.

What are your heroes in which you are targeting?

Maxim Karbanovich, vocalist: We went fascination french touch, French wave of electronic music. Now generally goes mad stream of new artists, everyday update.

Why people will be interested to throw your songs on an iPod or dance at your concert? Can you actually imagine a specific audience or is it an abstract figure?

N.: The point is simple: we do, we think, an interesting-sounding product. Initially, there was a portrait listener, and very specific. But, paradoxically, it crashed: we did for some people, as seen on the dance floor is the opposite.

Tell us about your performances. Where they were and how memorable?

N: In the past year we have been able to play on the same stage with Guru Groove Foundation, Kosheen, Pompeya.

M.: On the “Stereoleto” we represented Belarus.

And what about the album? At what stage it?

M: We are working on it for a year, collected a lot of material, but happens all quality selection: all the time do not like something and immediately sent into oblivion, or make a new arrangement of the old tracks.

Timur Shihsefiev, bassist: More we work on the album, but on themselves. Need to earn themselves completely - then it’s time to accomplish the product and submit it to the proper configuration. Because there is a simple but potent rule over your head can not jump. Chase inferior outcome - is silly and wrong.

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Birds of the World

Remember, woke up in the morning on my 20th anniversary, turn on the music and realized that things have changed very rapidly and steeply.

September 1 - cool day!

Sunshine, hands painted tattoos (specially for new photoshoot). Big thanks Nastia Vesna (photographer) and Sergei Klimkovich (really nice tattoos master). 

Evening playing Lovebirds! It’s mean, that everything is real, just need think about it and have strong belief.



You have included Miх, I hope) Just do it and enjoy the sound.

Guys, I just want to say I love you all and the music is proof!



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Acos CoolKAs “Solar Wind” (Short video version)

Producer: Olga Asadchaya 
Mounting: Andrew Asadchy


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