// oh shit what’s that. It’s Splatdaddy-O. Just a gift for splatterlewis for being, frankly, one of the nicest and coolest people I’ve met here like he’s super cool and I’m just really happy to get to talk to them. If there’s any mistakes here forgive me I started drawing this around 12:50 or so and it’s right now nearly 2 am so I hope if there’s anything weird here you can forgive it. I also murdered a majority of my green colored pencils. There’s about 26 shades of green on there. …As you can see I like the idea of Splat with spikes.

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did you see the posts i made earlier we realized that the ship name for rick/simon/kieren could literally be "ri/s/en" and its so fucking perfect i still cant get over it. i want this to be the new thing. its destiny with a ship name that great tbh

I’m crying. This is literally perfect.

RI/S/EN for everyone’s new OT3 2k15!!!

Shawn and I went to a drag club tonight and I grinded on him like the goddess I am sometimes and we gave dollars to the queens through our teeth and ate at this little 24 hour diner at 1 AM and now he’s back at my house to fall asleep cuddled against each other’s bodies and tonight was so goddamn lovely.

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♧ with mark or jinyoung PLEASE :(

♧ playing with their hair / mark / 246 words

From the corner of your eye, you can see Mark’s head briefly falling forward before shooting right back up when he realizes it, blinking rapidly to regain consciousness. This seems to continue on for forever until you bark out a laugh before he looks at you with guilty, rounded eyes.

"Tired?" you ask jokingly.

"No," he immediately stutters out, though the guilt on his face screams otherwise. And when he realizes that himself he sighs, "I’m sorry…"

"Don’t be," you laugh. "Sleep. We can watch this together some other time."

"But we’ve been planning this marathon for such a long time and—"

Sleep,” you repeat. He hesitates and you roll your eyes, patting your lap. “Don’t make me repeat it again.”

With the slump of the shoulders, he finally complies. He shifts and lays his head down on your lap, looking up at you with a frown. “I’m sorry…”

"Stop it~" you groan jokingly. Your fingers find his hair and comb through his strands softly. "I know how tired you are these days, so just rest, okay?"

Though your eyes are fixated on the screen of the television, his piercing stare doesn’t go unnoticed by you. You twirl a lock of his hair in your fingers, mindful of the time he told you that he loved it when you played with his hair. You always seemed to remember the tiniest of things the most.

"Thank you." It’s barely a whisper but you still hear him perfectly.

So, even tho I am only half way to my next follower milestone i felt a follow forever was very over due. I am so thankful that so many of you have stuck around with me through this blog & all of my blogs for that matter considering how inconsistent my activity has been everywhere & how much of a general pain in the butt I can be. 


                                    These are people i interact with often &
                                                or speak with out of character on a regular
                                                basis. These are people that adore very
                                                dearly & am so thankful to have in my life.

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