I made fanart for all Octavia blogs on tumblr.
If any of them does not reblog this I will track them down and kill them because this took me way too long to make to just let it slip by without 150 notes.

I guess you can call this fanart in a way. I started out drawing electrocardiogram lines until I realized that someones oc actually has their cutie mark to change and features the cardiogram lines to express their mood. That pony oc is avaomod! This person is the mod for the story 'askvinylandoctavia' whose link can be found by going to the mods Tumblr bio.

Also, 1920’s cartoon Pac-man eyes! Again! One more time before I go back to my real style. :D


In short, you can see the reference to their cutie mark behind the headshot that can be seen from angry from the left and towards to the right, it gets calmer. I also added some ascending wings from a different style that I added on for no reason. I ended up finishing it at around 2:42. I have no idea what the name of the oc is, it might be what some people call a ‘ponysona’ I don’t know, I just that know that its one of the few cool looking pones that I like. :D

Not the best display, I might re-do this one later. But still! Cool looking pone even though I probably failed a bit.