Leaving So Soon?

QB had watched Ulala’s tearful leavings without any emotion. She had begun to wonder if Ulala had even revived, given how long she had been away after QB had killed her in their last match.

With a sudden snap, there was the deadly and merciless woman. Her grey cloak covered every inch of her, and her face couldn’t be seen. Were it visible, it would show a mixture of contempt and glee — contempt that someone felt that they could simply escape, glee that someone was back, possibly for a second round.

"Well well well. Someone’s come back from the dead, it seems. Did you enjoy the trip there? I was quite saddened by how quickly you left the first time. I never did get to show you all that I could do~"

She gave a sharp laugh, before continuing. Her arms were crossed haughtily under her, the draping sleeves covering her black gloved hands.

"And I see that someone’s breaking her own heart and causing more harm than good by leaving. Let’s see, you’ve made your own boss lose sleep, you’re crying over your own choice —which must mean that it is a wrong choice, no?— and you’ve managed to drive Purge to a level of ire that I’ve not yet been capable of producing. I must say, you are making quite the dramatic exit.

"But I suppose for someone who works in TV, that’s not too surprising."