So this is how we meet (Ask-The-Kirkstone-Brothers,Closed RP)

The sound of an annoyed groan would be heard, Clover would drag Aleks to the mall once again to go clothes shopping and despite being Aleks thing (s)he hated having to get up to go with Clover, she always made the trip longer then it needed to be. 

Clover would hush her friend as they walked out from a shop, Aleks having to be carrying the heavier bag’s while Clover only held one lighter bag and told Aleks to stop complaining while Aleks would blow a strand of hair out of his face. 

But before they’d stop for a snack Aleks would bump into someone only it actually hurt considering Aleks hurried to put the bag’s down somewhere for a snack, stopping to look back the stranger he’d apologize and gave a small smile to go with it. Clover would stop of course to wait for her friend, as well look at the one she ran into before the other two, she’d blink. 

Aleks:Sorry mate, didn’t mean to. Just my friend is makin’ me carry these, so you can see why I’d rush."He’d look over to the bag’s.

@ Therd (or Thred whichever works)

The Once-ler was walking into town, escorted by his two bodyguards. He had been told that a good PR move was to go around saying hi to people. Yeah, whatever.

That’s when he saw a black haired man who looked suspiciously similar to him. He walked over, an eyebrow raised.

Hey. Who are you supposed to be?"

(( ooc: Rebooting is still gonna take some work in progress until tomorrow maybe however i’ll get things done and development starting as soon as possible! :) Yes, Therd and Thred still seem the same but there are gonna traits adding on as they begin their journey, along with their eldest brother; Raymond. info in their blog is gonna be brief because there are gonna be stories/plots( along with Lexie and Will ) in which you will learn from them in the future, so you’re gonna have watch for yourselves/ bring in some asks. 

While you wait for more, here’s a pic of The Kirkstone Brothers! lastly, if there’s anyone who want once-ler dad!Therd, those rps will be private and alternate.  Hope you’re gonna like the improvements in these characters’ bio and enjoy your stay in this blog!~ ))