Jack the Ripper

The first thought one would have upon finding a relentless pursuer of your life would typically be along the lines of, “Why should I help you?” or “Forget it” then walk away. However, those thoughts were not something the Paladin would typically have.

Remaining silent in case this was secretly a trap, Artix stepped into the forest clearing outside of town. If this wasn’t a trap then he would take them into the forest (just not his hiding place) and see to their wounds.

anonymous asked:

Ms.Jaania, personal question if I may. Did you like Alexander before the freezing incident? Or was it Warlic? Also, how do you feel about the two of them now? As people, not magical abominations I mean.

“Before I was frozen, I will admit that I thought of them as friends. It bothered me, the extent to which they went to win me over. I liked, even loved, both of them platonically.

Now, though- whatever I may have felt for them has soured irreversibly.