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“Exactly~! You were on your way already, weren’t you? Let’s go then~” He laughed brightly and took her hand, heading in a direction that was certainly not that of the Circus. If he didn’t try to derail this journey at least once, he would be ashamed of himself.

"Hey- Ace! Wrong way!” This was one time that they couldn’t simply wander where they pleased, much to Evalynn’s disappointment. “Really, I’m sure you know how to get to the Circus…! … Maybe…”

Open RP~!

Trudging through the forest undergrowth, Alice was no happy-camper. She and Ace had been returning from a short trip to the market, through the woods, when she’d suddenly tripped and fell down a rabbit hole. For a minute—or was it an hour? She couldn’t tell—Alice floated in darkness, buoyed awake by the warmth of sunlight under her eyelids. Crescents of mud caked under her fingernails, and dirt and roots scratched her knee, but when she clambered back up the barren hole, her chaperon was gone.

“Ace!” she called. “Ace, where are you?!”


If this turns out to be another stupid trick, I’ll knee him, she thought darkly, batting at skeletal fingers as the branches reached out to catch in her hair, graze down her shoulders. Why hadn’t he come save her at her yelp? She was right behind him! Unless it was just another cruel attempt at a prank: hide until she comes to, then jump her when she’s vulnerable. But, no. Ace wouldn’t—he wouldn’t do that. He knows her too much not to do that.

And if that be the case, where is he now, lovely?

Gone to get help. Surely. He couldn’t reach her through the rabbit hole, so he went out to get help.

Such faith, precious. But you know who he is; you’ve seen the red stains. How are you so sure he didn’t abandon you to die?


 “Ace!” Again, she called, but this time her voice edged with a sliver of panic. “A-Ace! This isn’t funny anymore! Where are you?!”

Ace's date

“Owowowowow!” Aro yelled, staggering out a thorn bush with a clear look of fury on his features. Attempting to pick the thorns out of his hair, he turned and waited for Stefan to emerge through the bush making an equally loud whining sound of intense pain.

“Stefan. We’re not going to find him. Let’s just go back home.” Aro muttered, dusting off his coat. Sod’s law they were going to be placed on a date with the one man who it was near-impossible to find usually. He was getting sick of wandering around these woods.

Wings and Wind (M!A Open Starter)

“Now this is strange….”, Leon said to himself as he watched his new wings twitch around. He flapped them side to side and up and down, “Well I guess since I inherited wind magic this shouldn’t be too hard to figure out~”, he thought to himself about his new attachments, “Hmmmm…I wonder if can fly with these?”, the Black Knight spread them looking at their size. Maybe he could hover with these or maybe a little bit more than that, “I think I’ll go test them out!”

He got up and went to get his shirt and jacket, “Oh wait! How am I-”, his wings would be under his clothes and and would bulge. And probably uncomfortably but it would be weird if he walked out with his shirt off and wings sticking out his back, “Can’t believe I’m gonna do this….”, he ripped two holes in his shirt approximately where his wings stuck out. Then he looked at his jacket, “I am not cutting holes in that, I’ll just have to hide them….”, he put the shirt on as his wings slipped through the holes. Then his jacket went over them, it hurt a bit but he had o deal with it until he gets out of town.

He headed for the door, “I hope no one notices the humps…..”, he sighed and opened the door stepping outside. Luckily there wasn’t that many people out and no one he recognized so far. He locked the door and descended down the steps entering the streets. He started walking down towards the outskirts as he watched his surroundings to see if anyone was staring. A couple people did look up as she shifted his eyes back o the front and increased his speed. He became a little nervous as sweat drops formed on his face.

He let out a relieved sigh when he finally reached his goal and smiled, “Wow, usually doesn’t take that long to get here…..maybe I was a little too nervous~”, he thought to himself and entered the brush. He made little ways into the deeper parts of the forest before he finally reached a place he found suitable, “Think I’ll test them out here…..”, he took off his jacket and hung it on the tree branch. His wings puffed out and he moved them around to get a good feel. He started climbing the tree, tail dangling below and ears twitching at every noise. He reached branch high enough to get a start and looked down, “Hrmm… goes nothin’”

Sanitorium AU- Closed Starter for ask-the-knight-of-hearts

She’d been here countless days, countless times, had memorized the hallways and typical sounds of the environment, the very rhythm of daily life in this large, sterile building. Perhaps that was why she was the one who had been given the job of, for lack of a better term, looking after this particular patient. Or maybe it was her generally calm attitude- the last person she had heard that was in charge of him had been less than patient or friendly and had thrown in the towel after a few weeks.

Evalynn’s fingertips ran over the raised print of the information sheet that was clamped onto the clipboard she held in her other hand as she read over his details for the fifth time. This was a last minute reminder for herself, not that she really needed it. She’d had various suggestions about how to prepare herself for meeting this “troublemaker,” as she’d heard him referred to ask, and she had disregarded them all. Instead of preparing herself, she was choosing to judge for herself and either succeed or fail from that. All she needed to know was what not to do for his health and what he generally acted like.

One deep breath as she stopped in front of the door she would shortly enter, before she knocked and, without waiting for a reply, opened it… several inches. She did not yet enter.

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(Dance response) Ace watched for a moment, bemused, before stepping into the room. "I'm not the best dancer," he began. "But surely dancing with me would be better than dancing alone right~?" He swept into a graceful bow, one gloved hand extended.


—Her smooth gliding feet faltered, and she nearly tripped over a table when she saw him enter the room. “A-Ace! T-that wasn’t… I mean—” Alice floundered for words with a beat-red face, an excuse sitting on the tip of her tongue. Too late now.

She stared at the hand he offered her, then back to his smiling face. Resigned, she stepped closer to him and placed her hand in his. “Well… I guess just this once.”

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Estella raised an eyebrow at the knight from the castle before her, subtly waving some faceless workers to carry the narcotic products out of the back entrance of the house.

“Did the prime minister send you? We have said countless times… We do not sell any illegal products!” She declared to Ace, the frustration clear on her face from months of repetition.

Ask-the-knight-of-hearts starter (Closed)

Aisha moved the hair from her eyes as she walked through the woods, her bow nad her sling of arrows on her back and a bag of paint supplies in her bag. She came to a stream and began to look around, nodding her head at the scenery “, Yep, this is the place.”

She then sat down and took a fresh canvas out of her bag, next taking out some paints and brushes. After picking out which brush and colors she opened one of the paint jars and dipped her paint brush inside, beginning to paint what was before her. 


“We know you can’t. It’s in ancient Runic. At least this form has the advantage of combined smarts…. Ah, there we go! ‘Charm the sword that has severed many, and the fused shall split back into two.’ Joy, getting cut in half by a sword. Fun. Well, it actually doesn’t hurt all that much. You were only stabbed! Through my entire personage!” …And they were arguing again. This might take a while to quiet down….

Yang in Wonderland

“When did this get here?” Yang wondered, picking an old key up from her cluttered bedroom floor. She was working on ideas for a story of hers when she heard a noise and found it.
She was about to test it out on the door when she heard something on her window. Looking at it, she recognized it as a raindrop and immediately put on her shoes and sprinted outside; she had to make sure that Dork’s artwork didn’t get ruined, for she had carelessly left it there before leaving to spend the weekend at her parent’s house while Yang stayed home. After she put Dork’s art in the house then going back to put the rest in the garage, Yang pulled a key from her pocket and locked the door after she closed it.
But the lock began to glow, and the writer immediately realized that she had the wrong key in her pocket. Instead of the shiny house key, it was the old one she found earlier. She opened the door and found herself at another place. She walked through the door, but instantly regretted it as it closed by itself behind her. When she turned around, the door was gone, leaving her stranded at what appeared to be a clocktower with a forest surrounding it.

Heaven help them: Closed Starter

“It’s this way!”

“No, it’s THIS way!”

“White Country is over here!”

“I love you, Aro!”


All four of the young pieces were lost. Very lost.

They’d all arrived in this strange place that they had discovered was called “The Country of Hearts”. Which they had figured out was probably not very close to White Country… So after some debate, they’d begun an expedition to find a boat that would take them back home before tea time.

Though by now, they had lost sight of any sort of path/sign of civilisation in the country… So, they were even more lost.

Closed starter~ (@ask-the-knight-of-hearts)

The two siblings walked through the forest, one was whistling drowning out the complaints of her brother, “I should’ve known!! I knew you were up something! Now my back’s gonna be sore! You evil little pipsqueak!”, he was carrying a large cauldron on his back, his face was covered in sweat and full of anger.

“You owed me and now you’re paying~”, she giggled as she watched her brother struggle, “I specifically said that if I bought the ice cream that one time you owed me something!”, she repeated.

“I didn’t expect for you to work me like a slave! Grrrrrrrr…..why I ought to drop this on you so you can see how heavy this actually is!”, he adjusted the cauldron but his footing was messed and he fell as the cauldron hit the ground with loud thump, “Hey! Watch it! It maybe heavy but it’s not indestructible!”, she growled.

“I hope it cracked~”, he admitted as he sat up and rubbed his head.

She grunted, “Pick it back up! We’re not the yet!”, she demanded. He glared at her and shook his head, “No way I’m tired! I’m taking a break~”, he flopped onto the ground while Marie began to yell at him to listen to her. Her voice was echoed throughout the forest.