+ 3 new teeth.

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Even though it was a rather busy day in Tooth’s palace, not that it wasn’t every day, she was surprised when she heard that there was someone visiting. But just who was it though? Baby Tooth turned to look at one of the other mini fairies and started chirping in a conversation like way. All she could do was hope there wasn’t something bad going on with any other Guardians or children as she nodded her little head and turned to fly off where the newcomer was, her eyes filled with a bit of worry and also being nervous showed a little in them as well. Sure the Palace would get a pretty fair amount of visitors, most of which Baby Tooth had no idea how they found the play or got in, but that never made the worry go away. As she got closer, she recognized a few familiar faces and stopped in front of them, tilting her head a bit to the side with a small worried smile on her face as she raised one of her hands and waved, greeting them.


Down the Rabbit hole @ask-the-guardian-of-hope

The city was certainly no place for a young woman alone… well a young woman who had little experience with the outside world. That woman being Hannah Smalley. Standing at 5’2ft tall she was fairly scrawny for her age, puberty had yet to grace her with the proper figure of a woman. Her hair was short and she wore a hooded jumper and jeans. Fashion was not top of her list; what was however was trying to promote her artwork to stuck up critics who found her paintings too ‘bright’ and ‘abstract’.

North had been kind enough to grant her with a place to stay after her home was… well set alight. She worked with him now, if she said she worked with Santa then people would have thought her mad.

Unfortunately again her paintings were rejected, unsold and unwanted. Puffing out her cheeks as she took a short cut through the park she tried to think of a better way to sell them and get them seen, maybe she should set up a stall or something?

The Bunny Returns

It was a quiet evening, the sun just setting over the horizon. Nothing stirred, except for a quiet rustle in the nearby bushes as a twitching nose sniffed for danger. In that moment, the pooka poked his head out, emerald gaze flicking back and forth. It had been some time since he had last been seen, resting from his more than exhausting Easter Sunday.

"Aw Crikey, this air feels brilliant."