12 Days of AskBlogs - Day ...13?!


((YES 13.

Because there are like fifty million characters in Homestuck for seriously. And there are lots more AskBlogs to give love to.

I’m putting character pairing blogs in this post (rather than splitting them up), along with Kids, Carapacians, and Cherubs, Guardians, and anyone else! I’ve got a pretty large list here but I know it’s lacking. There’s gotta be more active kidblogs out there! Oh well, that’s where you all come in! :33

So HAPPY 12th PERIG33’s EVE to all of you lovely blogs! May it be your best yet! ♥


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And as always if any of you know of any active canonical Homestuck askblogs I may have missed, please feel free to REPLY to this post and tell me! If you’re not showing up on this list it does not mean it was intentional. It’s because I don’t know you’re out there! Help me out, kthx!! :33

And here’s the “big thing.”

A Calliope dress-up game!

Brought to you by a sudden burst of inspiration from the following question, and wanting to comemmorate what was then 300 followers (though the count has miraculously grown over my period of inactivity).


It’s actually been in pieces for a long time now, but, being Flash-illiterate as I am, I couldn’t work out how to put it together.

Art by: http://javertderailed.tumblr.com/ (yours truly)

Developed by: http://roninski.blogspot.com.au/

((It’s been far too long since I last posted anything on this blog, but I still can’t quite guarantee that I’ll become active right now. Therefore, I am sorry to say, the Valentine’s Ball has now officially ended. I am sorry that I barely got to draw any dances, and sincerely apologise to those of you who I have neglected (especially the cherubs’ dates!).

Yeah. A combination of still adjusting to uni. life and no longer having Homestuck as my primary fandom didn’t really bode well for this blog, did it? And a lot of others are on hiatus at the moment too. Sorry, guys.

As I said in my last post, you can catch me on my personal blog if you want. But other than that, goodbye for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to draw more stuff for this blog soon!

PS: That “really big thing” I was talking about AGES ago is finally nearing completion. My helper has been caught up with starting uni. and stuff too, so it’s been delayed a bit, but it’ll definitely be finished in the not-too-distant future.))


UU: it’s actUally qUite simple, really.

UU: obvioUsly we can change the top half withoUt any troUble, since there’s nothing to obscUre the clothes there.

UU: everything else jUst has zips going down from waist to ankle.


UU: in the case of oUr UsUal troUsers, there’s a zip on each side so either of Us can change in or oUt of them, thoUgh i rarely bother to pUt a zip on the right side of something only i woUld be willing to wear.

UU: the cUffs are tight enoUgh that we can’t fit our feet throUgh them, bUt not so tight that we can’t fit the end of oUr troUsers, etc. Underneath them.


UU: nearly all of oUr clothing works this way, bar a few skirts that I can jUst slide over my head.

UU: i’m rather proUd of myself for creating this method. it was only recently that I did so, however, hence the fact i’ve been wearing so many new oUtfits since this blog began.