Case 4

Jet: I think the chief just gave her more reason to fear the ground…and to distrust Earthponies.

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Invention 2: Cellular Disruption Disk [C.D.D]

[Mark I]

This disk was based off of the Dalek’s ‘Reality Bomb’, but to a much smaller scale with for a totally different cause. Unlike like the Reality bomb (which purpose was to cause cells to disband and destroy the bonding, causing all matter to vanish), the C.D.D just bugs them a little.

You see, each and every dimension has it’s own special cellular signal; kind of like a Zip Code. When a being enters one dimension from another, their cells need to adjust to the new dimensional area. The cell’s bonding become loose and weak as the being begins to ‘fade into’ the dimension before becoming stable enough to become grounded in.

The C.D.D can create a temporary barrier and cause the a small rupture in the process. It gathers tectonic energy from the constant motion of plates in the Lithosphere and converts it into static energy. The energy is then bundled together before being released in a short, powerful shock.

The original intent was to create something to force beings back into there dimension as soon as the arrived. However, in order to send them back, it needs these ‘dimensional Zip Codes’. Doing so, it only effect electricity; meaning it acts more like a temporary EMP.

Length of effect: 5 Minutes (short charge), 1 hour (max charge)

Range: 30 foot Radius


Case 7

Treue: This is actually more common then you would believe. You see, when beings interact with Trans-dimension figures (Like me) in any way shape or form, they fall a bit out of synch in there own dimension. Doing so can cause a slight ‘shift’ in matter. My guess is that he had her pet rock near him when he sent me the question. When that happened, anything he wasn’t directly touching shifted slight. Being a pet rock, I believe he kept it close to him for long periods of time. Doing so, the rock eventually caught White-wing’s ‘scent’ and began to hone in on it. The rock then materialized, but it did so inside his body.

But I decided to f*** with her, so I told him Molestia paid him a visit. HE FLIPPED THE F*** OUT! OH MY GOD! IT WAS SO F***ING FUNNY!


Case 3

Me: Originally, the mines were designed to completed destroy the target by sucking them into a distorted space where the gravity is so intense that anything that falls into it is destroyed within seconds. They are hidden throughout space and detonate remotely. They are nearly impossible to make, even of such a small size. The difference between this and a regular black hole, though is that these are ‘manipulated’ and adjusted to a filter to only absorb the matter int he encompassed area. That is why only Sec fell in.  However, since the Ivory Expanse is the dimensional hub, all it really did was rip open a portal since Time doesn’t really exist here.  (Black holes are created from a dying star, a star that’s time has run out. Since the Ivory Expanse is void of time that Black hole had to of been constructed in a different way and thus, caused a different result).

Jet: So what happened to him?

Me: Oh don’t worry about him. Sec probably fell back into his own dimension/Tumblr.

Jet: ‘Probably’?

Treue: Well … there IS a 34.094768932% that he fell into a completely different tumblr. If he did, it would of probably of been one of the ones in the Ebony Abyss. Oh well! No time to worry about. Come on! We got more shit to blow up!

-> Chief! I’m back!

-> ‘bout time! What took you so long?

-> Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just that I’m not used to traveling IN BETWEEN FREAKING DIMENSIONS!

-> *sigh* Excuses, excuses

-> Bu-Wha-EXCU-

-> Well, you’re here now. Looks like you got all the right stuff too. That’s a pleasant surprise.

-> I am begin to wonder if my contract really titles me as an ‘assistant’.

-> Oh ye of lil’l faith. Well, we have the stuff here now and the program should be in later today.

-> Great, so when will the tablet be here?

-> What?

-> The tablet? The thing you need to actually draw this crap out? They gave you a tracking number when you placed the order, right?

-> I thought you placed the order?

-> (hoofpalm) *sigh* No, I was suppose to jump into a freaking transdimensional hub to pick up this crap. YOU were suppose to go online and place the order.

-> Oh yeah … well the thing is … I’ve been kind of busy-


-> No I haven’t! [I was only on for 27 hours, 59 minutes] Well, no time for semantics! Come on, let’s get this thing put up.

-> What are we firing this thing at anyway?

-> Let’s just say it’s a very big and ‘welcoming’ target’. Mwa ha ha ha ha.

So, just need to wait for the other program to arrive and my tablet and I can get started….Oh crap is this thing on? Damn, there goes my flashy opening. Oh well, guess I could uses that 747 for something else. 

So I guess I should give you all the run-down. My name is Treue and, to be blunt, I am the master of all spacial matter. ‘A being without time’ one might call me. Avast, that is a story for another time.

As my alias suggest, I am an Investigator. What do I investigate? EVERY-FRICK’N-THING! Why do I do it? Two reasons: One) I have a restless thirst of knowledge. Two) I’m bored and it is fun spying. Ah, I kind of miss my days back in the FBI. I wonder if they are still sore about what happened? Eh, better wait until they rebuild the southern wing….again.

ANY~WHO! I have become aware that just asking for questions’ isn’t going to cut it. So what is the best way to get noticed? By being completely reckless and destructive! Once I get my tablet so I can portray my events I can start.

Or at least I WOULD be able to if my so-called ‘assistant’ every get’s back from the ACME store. HONESTLY! How long does it take to pick up a cherry-picker, twenty-foot tall rocket, and a dimensional tumblr-vortex disrupter?

Oh well, hopefully I will have some visual within the next week or two. Until next time!