(AU) Peaches and Cream Chapter 4

Several months passed with both Sanjiko and Sanji busy with work at the restaurant. Sanji had officially taken over The Baratie from Zeff two months after he returned. That two months had been hell for Sanji. After the first week they had to themselves, Sanji immediately started to prepare to take over. Daily meetings with lawyers, trainings with Zeff before and after restaurant hours, Sanjiko hardly had any time with Sanji. Sanji would return home after she and little creamy had been tucked into bed, already deep in slumber. He literally spent more time at the restaurant than back home. Sanjiko never complain but always left him messages that she was missing him. She would leave him little notes littered around the house for him to find when he comes home.

Every night, after Sanji returned home, the first thing he would do would be to check on his girls. He was still worried about the nightmares Sanjiko still gets on occasions. He would walk into the bedroom, quietly, leave her a kiss on her forehead before going back out to work on more paperwork. He was just glad that tonight was a peaceful night for Sanjiko and their Labrador was tucked under her arms accompanying her. After Sanji took over the restaurant, Zeff had retired and left on a holiday around Europe.

Sanjiko had helped whenever she could to assist Sanji. She’s been working the same hours as he did to just spend more time with him. However with the impending big day coming up, she’s been busy with the preparations and taking a lot more time off work. With just one more week to the day she says I do, she was still working on her menu for her guests. She started to panic, worrying about every little single detail. Although all that was left would be the food they would be serving back the restaurant. Sanji told her not to worry, that he would handle the food but she had insisted that she’ll help.

They decided that their wedding would be a simple affair for family and close friends. It would be held at the church before they returned back to the restaurant for the after party. Her dress took a lot of effect to find though. She wasn’t really tall, so she needed to search high and low for one that would fit. Finally after weeks for searching, she found a simple white dress, since she didn’t want the traditional wedding gown. The dress was a form fitting, tube dress with simmers. It was simple and how she liked it.

Sanji had told her not to worry too much about everything, she tried to listen but the words didn’t sink in. “Babe, what do you think about this for the cake?” She threw a peach at him. Now they were both in their kitchen discussing about their cake, on the rare off day Sanji had. She had ran out of ideas and just randomly grabbed a fruit to start a discussion. The peach was a surprise though.

warmth - a drabble for Sanji (Mr. Stripper)

Leave a “Honey I’m home!” in my ask and I’ll write what I think married life for our characters would be like.

It was sunlight streaming through the gap of her curtains that woke her up. Someone had failed to close them completely shut the night before and it definitely wasn’t her. Groaning faintly, Hina shifted to shield her face but the damage had been done. It was morning now and she was awake.

Slowly, Hina opened her burgundy eyes and blinked in disbelief. The digital clock on her nightstand read: 7:43 AM. That couldn’t possibly be right. Even if it was her day off, this was wrong. She’d never slept in this late before! She had almost thrown off her warm covers and leaped off her bed, ready to start her day - if it wasn’t for the warm weight around her waist, pinning her in place. 


She remembered now. Sanji had stayed the night. 

And that thought alone had her settling down once more. It was rare to have her husband over - married life for the two of them was anything but conventional. They’d been married for just over two years now and she had still insisted on living apart. She knew Sanji hadn’t liked it. She was an independent woman. She liked her own space, did things her own way and hated sharing. Yet she loved Sanji and loved being his wife.

It had taken the man a few years just to get her to agree to the idea of marriage. Yet Sanji had persevered and succeeded - an impressive feat where many before him had failed. The man was a romantic, the sweetest of lovers and the kindest of friends. She hardly deserved a man like him, she knows. 

Marriage wasn’t so bad… 

The tranquil stillness that blanketed her bedroom was heavy and she didn’t dare to move lest she break it. She could feel Sanji beside her, fast asleep and warm. Funny, she didn’t feel crowded, sharing a bed with him - but she certainly did feel better. Cool December mornings were always unbearable to Hina - getting to work every morning took a lot out of her - but now, with Sanji pressed against her back, she didn’t mind so much.  

So she stayed like this, watching time go past by the minutes, counting the seconds in accordance to the rhythm of Sanji’s gentle breathing. 

Until finally, she herself was lulled back to sleep.

She had things planned that day. 

But she couldn’t think of any other place she’d rather be.

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She had no idea why she agreed to this. She would never ever give Sanji the time of day to go on a date with him. But for some insane reason, she said yes. Why? It happened a few hours ago when the ship had landed on an island. 


“NAMI-SWAAAAAN~~!!!” Of course she knew whose voice that was. She was on the deck, reading the newspaper, hoping to relax, but no. It didn’t seem like fate was on her side. “Yes, Sanji-kun…?” She gritted through her teeth, trying to refrain from lashing out on him.

“Look at this, my sweet! A festival is going to be held tonight!! Free admission to couples only!!” His eyes were popping out at the thought of going on a date with his dear Nami-swan, but like hell she was going to tolerate his fawning for a whole night.

“Sanji-kun, I’m quite tired….how bout you go with Robin, ne?” She told him, never leaving her eyes off the newspaper. She flipped the page as she waited for him to leave. 

“B-But…there’s a chance to win 100 million belis…..” He started to walk away and sulk, but immediately bounced back up with a glint of success in his eyes. “Robin-chwaaan!!! Oh, Robin-chwan-!”


And just like that, she was sold.

—————-End of Flashback—————-

They had been walking around the festival, Nami pulling Sanji along her side as she looked out for a chance to win some cash while Sanji followed her like a little puppy.

“Oi! You two! How bout winning some dough?” Nami quickly snapped her attention to the man who had called out to them. This was it! This was what she had been waiting for! She quickly ran over as Sanji hurried behind her. 

“What do we need to do?” Nami impatiently questioned as she tried to control her excitement as they waited at the booth.

“Simple! You just need to transfer as many pieces of paper you can from here to here. Each paper will count as one thousand beli. All you need to do is transfer them by your lips,” he explained with a slight smirk on his face.

Nami’s eyes suddenly switched from dollar signs to surprised eyes. What did she have to do? Sanji couldn’t contain his excitement as he noodle-danced by Nami’s side.

“You’re really going to pay us if we do this?”

“But, of course! I don’t ever go back on my word!”

It’s not like you’re going to kiss him. Besides, a paper is going to be in between your lips. 

“F-Fine, let’s do this!” She had the fierce look in her eyes as she eyed the bag of money that was behind the booth.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Things were going very well as they continued to transfer pieces of paper one by one from one basket to the other. If only Sanji would stop moving this way and that. And if only his nosebleeds would stop.

“Three, two, one…!” 

Trying to rush the last piece of paper into the basket, Nami pressed her lips a bit too hard against the piece of paper between their lips and Sanji had to lean back, trying to keep his balance. Shit! Shit! Sanji had leaned back a bit too far, and the paper had slipped out and started to float down towards the ground. Not only did the paper not land in the basket, but Nami’s lips had landed somewhere she would never have imagined. 

She widened her eyes as she mumbled against Sanji’s lips. “Mhmmm…” She quickly pushed him away and smeared her lips against her arm. 

“N-NAMI-SWAN KISSED ME?! N-NAMI-!” That was a lot for the love sick cook to handle for one night and he ended up lying unconscious on the ground, his nose smeared with the color red and Nami running for a bathroom while taking the beli the man had given her.

“Guess this was their first kiss…?” The man questioned, confused by what was going on.

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