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So, a while ago, I had a stream and made our lovely Spirit of AskSpirit for her birthday. And so far, these are the ones that has been made through.

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The Griffus Empire

My research turns toward the north horizons of the Known World, beyond Equestria frontiere.

The great Griffus is, from our knowledge, one of the oldest and most successful civilzation.  Built in the War for Midgard, which last for millenias, way long before Equestria gets discovered. Griffin emerged victorious and claimed the norse lands as theirs.

From those ancient times, we’re told that griffin linked themselves to a legendary creature known as Fenrir, the Great wolf. He is ever since their emblem and symbolize their strength.

[Picture 1] A griffon is depicted as a multimorphologic being, they possess a felin lower body, and their upper is  generaly the one of a bird of prey. Some think that hippogriffs and griffin are long lost cousins.  Note that even if the lower body is cat like, they actualy lay eggs.

Griffin are hunters and fishers by nature and by necessity. Their cat body can’t sustain nor grow properly without essential elements found in meat.

From their heritage, three creatures are representative of the empire : The Wolf represents strength, the Lion inspires courage and the Eagle is associate to knowledge and cleverness.

[Picture 2] The actual Emperor of Griffus is named Or’Odrynn the 3rd, his reign started almost three thousand years ago. He personaly assisted princess Luna and Celestia during the last moments of the War of Discord to overthrow the Lord of chaos.

To give an idea of his stature, from my commanding officer witness, he’s by far taller than princess Celestia.

The Emperor is designated as the avatar of Fenrir, as such he disposes of tremendous mistycal powers to guide his people through this world. As long as an offspring don’t see the day, like Alicorns, the life span of an avatar is indefinite.

[Picture 3] Our half-cat, half-bird  friends possess a lot of different features in colors  and forms, but there is also some similarities.

The first family is the most common : Eaglegriffin. They usualy have an athletic body and are oftenly related to strength.

Then we have Hawkgriffin. they can be recognized easily by their complet lack of fluff from their feathering. They’re agile by nature, compared to the average. I’m going to make some ponies grumpy by this statement, but until today, hawkgriffin own the highest flying top speed records ever registered.

The last and rarest are Owlgriffin. They have the most peculiar body which make them easy to spot. They possess large ears and deep black eyes, their plumage is more dense and most of all, their talons are composed differently, 2 front fingers istead of 3, and 2 thumbs. Through the ages, owls were oftenly refered as wise advisors and knowledge keepers. Oh and yeah, they can rotate their head 270 degrees … creepy !

[Picture 4] Our last point concerns the military composition of Griffus.

You have to know that griffin are at ease on two and four legs. The most common guards that you will notice across the country are (1)Skywards, dexterous spear or sword users, their basic equipment also count a crossbow.

(2)Squalls are the templars of the Empire, heavy armored and weaponized, their trainning is way more instense than casual guards. Their duty consists to protect the Emperor and complet complicated missions from his personal call.

Finally, (3)Stormcallers are the magical cast of the army, even if unicorns are born with an inner talent for magic, other races know how to master it. Even if this gift is rare amongst griffin, close links to the wind elements have made those wizards masters in controlling the sky, which on the contrary to our, is wild by nature.

- Morning Run, Lilly


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Please remember that those facts are related to my fiction and impose nothing into the lore of those original characters.

Changeling entry here

Rage face

Mod: is what happens when a human stares at Spirit. He grows two rows of teeth,the first row is his lip that split from his jaw and teeth grew on and as you can see some teeth has grown from the side of his gums. His markings change as well.

I got the idea of using my computer camera to take a picture and upload it here. I tried my best to an hanse the picture but yea,sorry if it looks shitty I tried.

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